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The Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC is dedicated to providing clients with quality legal representation in the areas of criminal defense and marijuana compliance. If you need legal representation from a well-respected and proven attorney, then contact the legal team at Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC.

Whether you’ve been charged with DUI, possession of a controlled substance or need help expunging your record, Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC is well prepared to assist you. Our veteran criminal defense attorneys recognize you may be up against a serious and life-changing event, which is why they promise to be by your side from start to finish. We will tailor a defense plan to your specific needs and pursue an outcome in your best interest.

Forming a marijuana business is a complicated and time-consuming process. Even applying for a marijuana license is daunting. The attorneys at Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC have been assisting marijuana businesses since cannabis was legalized. Not only do we know the state’s marijuana laws back to front, but firm founder Clifton Black helped write some of these laws.

Whether it’s criminal defense or marijuana compliance, a successful case starts with contacting the legal experts at Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC.

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  • Google review by Dana Walters Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Mr. Black was compassionate and helpful and although I didn't employ his services, he advised me and referred me to individuals that helped me resolve my legal issue in the most economical and efficient way possible. I highly recommend this firm. The consultation was free, informative, and reassuring."
    - Dana Walters
  • Google review by Leland Krich Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "I'm grateful I hired Charles Allen to represent me. He was very professional and explained everything in a way I could understand. He was easy to talk to and showed genuine concern for my problems. Ultimately, I got the result that I hoped for. I highly recommend him."
    - Leland Krich
  • Google review by Chasity Childers Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "My Husband was pulled over a year ago for Speeding here in Colorado Springs. They were also trying to charge him with DUI in the same stop. We hired Charles to help fight the DUI. It was a year long process because of COVID. We are so very thankful for Charles because he was able to get the DUI dismissed because he won our motion. He came to the table with enough evidence as to why the officer didnt have enough probable cause to accuse my husband... Read More"
    - Chasity Childers
  • Google review by Ben Yoder Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Cliff is highly professional, courteous, and by far the most knowledgeable attorney I have ever spoken with in regard to MMJ as it relates to property management. This guy knows his stuff and comes with my absolute highest recommendation."
    - Ben Yoder
  • Google review by Brenda Conner Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Mr. Charles Allen is a very professional and likeable attorney with the Clifton Black Law Firm. Mr. Allen helped my daughter with her DUI case and she and I are forever grateful. Mr. Allen dissected every aspect of the case and explained each to us in layman terms. Because of his hard work, attention to detail, and litigation skills, the case was ultimately dismissed which gave my daughter the opportunity to continue to pursue her goals. Mr. Alle... Read More"
    - Brenda Conner
  • Google review by Colby Smith Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Alison Blackwell did a great job handling my case. Thank you."
    - Colby Smith
  • Google review by Tony D Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "We hired Charles Allen to represent us in a felony case after our previous attorney dumped us. Charles was very professional, personable and meticulous from the get-go. Our case ended up going to jury trial. If you've ever watched any great lawyer tv show and wondered if any real-life attorneys give such passionate closing arguments, we found him. This man was phenomenal in our successful not-guilty verdict against a determined district attorney.... Read More"
    - Tony D
  • Google review by King Of Birds Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Charles gave us confidence throughout the eviction process (which we had never done before). Charles and his team were very responsive to my many questions. I would not hesitate to recommend Charles if you need to serve an eviction. He will be my first call if I find myself in need again."
    - King Of Birds
  • Google review by jacob shelton Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "I gotten in some trouble regarding a marijuana case I was seeing what my public defender could do for me which wasnt much I opted to go the other route I was looking for an attorney and I heard Law offices of Clifton black From a few of my colleagues, So I gave them a call Spoke with Charles Allen on the phone and then met them in person he is a great personable guy who really cares about his clients and their future. I am more than happy with ho... Read More"
    - jacob shelton
  • Google review by andrew owens Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "I had my first criminal case and attempted speaking to many attorneys, Charles Allen was the first and only one I spoke to that had passion, empathy, and confidence. The first call he gave me a run down of everything, he wasn't selling himself as much as selling how I could make it through this, which in turn made me want to hire him. Charles helped tremendously with every question I had, explaining law terminology, and ultimately getting the bes... Read More"
    - andrew owens
  • Google review by Matthew Schnur Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Charles Allen is a great attorney. I hired him for an expungement case. His communications were quick, he listened to my needs & concerns, and familiarized himself with all the information I gave him so that he could swiftly and efficiently communicate relevant info to the court. Needless to say he got the case expunged and I am extremely thankful to him."
    - Matthew Schnur
  • Google review by Casandra Cann Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Charles Allen did a sensational job and did more than I ever asked for! I would absolutely recommended them to anyone I know!!! Thanks again for everything!"
    - Casandra Cann
  • Google review by Vicky McKinley Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Mr.Allen and his firm were extremely helpful and reassuring when unfair charges were pressed against me. Mr.Allen quickly had charges reduced significantly with no trial necessary. I would highly recommend him and his firm."
    - Vicky McKinley
  • Google review by Carol Givens Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Being in the situation that I found myself in was very scary for me. Mr. Allen immediately made me feel comfortable. As we discussed my case he clearly explain to me what was needed to move forward. He was very informative, his staff is excellent and any question I had was quickly addressed. One of my major issues was finances. As we talked about my case we discussed a few options that might work best for me. I happen to work with him on an h... Read More"
    - Carol Givens
  • Google review by Tom Conner Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "I retained attorney Charles Allen of the Law Offices of Clifton Black for DUI representation. Charles' expertise kept me from spending time in jail. Should I require legal representation in the future I would not hesitate to return to the Law Offices of Clifton Black. Thank you Charlie!"
    - Tom Conner
  • Google review by Richard Mc Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Charles Allen did such an awesome job. From the moment I met him in my initial counsel I knew I would choose him.His professional attitude really stood out. He was also very personable and showed he cared about me as a person, not just a case. He even took a genuine interest in my startup nonprofit and talked about that with me too.He kept me informed throughout the whole process. I never felt left out or lost about anything. I cant say... Read More"
    - Richard Mc
  • Google review by Mike Snow Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Cliff and his team handled an eviction on a rental property. He was able to have the tenant move without problems. His team was able to collect the monies that were owed. The decision of hiring Cliff and his team eased the stress. Thank you!!"
    - Mike Snow
  • Google review by Dave Healey Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "I had routine case with Sheila Ford as my attorney. All of my options were clearly laid out in advance and there were no surprises which was greatly appreciated. Shelia was very thoughtful, and I received the distinct and welcome impression that she genuinely cared about my case and myself. That impression was well founded as her follow up and communication throughout the case was welcomed and thoughtful. I would certainly recommend her and Clift... Read More"
    - Dave Healey
  • Google review by Chris Drake Google Review 5 star review
    5 star review
    "Super knowledgable and experienced. Thanks Cliff!"
    - Chris Drake

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No two legal cases are the same, therefore, not just any attorney is right for your situation. The attorneys at Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC stand above the rest. We are veterans and experts in our respective fields who have been litigating and winning cases in the Colorado Courts for years. Whether you’ve been charged with theft, assault or credit card fraud, our attorneys bring decades of experience to your case. Areas of Colorado criminal law we defend include:
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  • Drug crimes
  • Violent crime
  • White collar crimes
  • Theft offenses
  • Drug crimes
Browsing the internet for information about your charges will only take you so far. Grant yourself peace of mind and contact Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC. Serious legal matters require counsel you can trust. We are confident in our abilities to help you resolve your legal issues with an approach catered to your needs.
Colorado’s marijuana industry has garnered millions in revenue for the state since the plant was legalized in 2012. Since then, droves of people have tried getting into the lucrative business but fail to realize how complicated it can be. The attorneys at Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC are knowledgable about Colorado marijuana law. We have proven experience assisting clients in the marijuana industry with a range of issues, such as:
  • Forming a marijuana business
  • Marijuana business licensing
  • Marijuana business compliance
  • Federal marijuana law
Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. The legal experts at Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC will go above and beyond to make sure all your legal needs are met. Call (719) 328-1616 to schedule a time to sit down with us. We will listen to your story and develop a plan in your best interest.
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