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Clifton Black
Clifton Black is an attorney / lawyer in Colorado Springs, Colorado that has dedicated his career to assisting individuals that have been charged with criminal offenses. Cliff represents clients that have been charged with offenses that include driving while intoxicated (DUI /DWAI), domestic violence, theft, drug charges, burglary, assault, dangerous animals, fraud, forgery, identity theft, marijuana, prescription fraud, traffic citations, other types of criminal charges, violations of law, and restraining orders.
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Sheila Ford
Sheila Ford, Associate Attorney for the Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, brings a variety of civil and criminal litigation experience to our firm. Sheila attended the University of Texas, where she served as an advisor in the Student Government Association and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
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Charles Allen
Charles Allen, Associate Attorney at the Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, is a former El Paso County Public Defender. While at the Public Defender’s office, Charles represented hundreds of domestic violence, DUI/DWAI, theft, trespassing, and revocation of probation cases. Not only does Charles work hard to exceed the expectations of his client with favorable plea deals, but he isn’t afraid of going to a jury trial.
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Jennifer Leyba
Jennifer Leyba is the Office Manager for The Law offices of Clifton Black delivering support to our Partners, Attorney’s and staff while striving to provide outstanding customer service to all our clients. As Office Manager, Jennifer is responsible for overseeing office procedures, billing, client management, vendor relations, and human resources.
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Jennifer Leyba
Joani Harshman is currently building a Cannabis Law practice pursuant to Missouri’s new Medical Cannabis Law Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution. Amendment 2 passed by an overwhelming 65% of the voters in November 2018 making Missouri the 33rd state to legalize medicinal use.
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