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I have known Cliff for over a decade and there is nobody else to whom i would refer clients in the areas in which he practices. Among his many areas of talents, Cliff also has excellent knowledge and background in helping clients buy and sell businesses. Cliff is very thoughtful and helps client assess risk in carving out any strategy during representation. I also don't know many people who care about their clients as much as Cliff. Clients love him as his care and compassion are evident throughout any case and he is very responsive to his clients.
Robert Lawrence Google review by Robert Lawrence Google

Wonderful representation if you're in need of such services, professional, communication is great, appreciate everything they have done for us
David B Google review by David B Google

I had a very asinine case, and needed some serious assistance resolving the matter. I found this law firm on Google and it was the highest recommended one for a very good reason. Alison was professional and mitigated my case; Leslee was wonderful and assisted my case as well. I thoroughly recommend this law firm, most definitely.
Ariel Mayberry Google review by Ariel Mayberry Google

Mr. Black was compassionate and helpful and although I didn't employ his services, he advised me and referred me to individuals that helped me resolve my legal issue in the most economical and efficient way possible. I highly recommend this firm. The consultation was free, informative, and reassuring.
Dana Walters Google review by Dana Walters Google

I'm grateful I hired Charles Allen to represent me. He was very professional and explained everything in a way I could understand. He was easy to talk to and showed genuine concern for my problems. Ultimately, I got the result that I hoped for. I highly recommend him.
Leland Krich Google review by Leland Krich Google

My Husband was pulled over a year ago for Speeding here in Colorado Springs. They were also trying to charge him with DUI in the same stop. We hired Charles to help fight the DUI. It was a year long process because of COVID. We are so very thankful for Charles because he was able to get the DUI dismissed because he won our motion. He came to the table with enough evidence as to why the officer didnt have enough probable cause to accuse my husband of a DUI and we are walking out of this only being charged with speeding and paying for the ticket! I Would recommend him to anyone involved with similar issues!
Chasity Childers Google review by Chasity Childers Google

Mr. Charles Allen is a very professional and likeable attorney with the Clifton Black Law Firm. Mr. Allen helped my daughter with her DUI case and she and I are forever grateful. Mr. Allen dissected every aspect of the case and explained each to us in layman terms. Because of his hard work, attention to detail, and litigation skills, the case was ultimately dismissed which gave my daughter the opportunity to continue to pursue her goals. Mr. Allen's parting words to my daughter, "stay out of trouble and continue in school" had a tremendous affect and I'm grateful. I am so happy I choose Clifton Black and Mr. Allen was selected for this case. Mr. Allen was truly a blessing!
Brenda Conner Google review by Brenda Conner Google

We hired Charles Allen to represent us in a felony case after our previous attorney dumped us. Charles was very professional, personable and meticulous from the get-go. Our case ended up going to jury trial. If you've ever watched any great lawyer tv show and wondered if any real-life attorneys give such passionate closing arguments, we found him. This man was phenomenal in our successful not-guilty verdict against a determined district attorney. Thank you Charles Allen!
Tony D Google review by Tony D Google

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