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I am very pleased with the services I received through the Law Offices of Clifton Black. I am very grateful for Christopher Welch, as he was attentive to my questions and to the anxieties I had through out his time on my case. I felt comfortable dealing with him and his paralegal, Leslee, as they kept me abreast of updates and appointments and I truly felt they were there for me through out every step of this difficult process. I made the right choice in being represented by this firm.
Melanie Berg Google review by Melanie Berg Google

Chris Welch and Leslee Cadenas were outstanding to deal with. Chris was able to get my case dismissed, and was only retained 4 days before my court date. Other law offices wait forever to call you back,sound unsure. That made me uneasy. You dont want someone representing you that has doubts or cannot figure out what to do. I never felt that at Clifton Black law offices. They were confident, kept In touch using an app,email,and text messages for updates. I knew exactly what was going on at all times. I highly recommend this place and always will. Thank you!
Shane Leonard Google review by Shane Leonard Google

If you're going through a divorce, it's important to have an experienced family law counselor on your side. I highly recommend Robert Pomper as he is one of the best in the business. He is experienced, compassionate, understanding, and aggressive when appropriate. I was truly impressed with his ability to listen with intention and consistently employ effective strategies in a continuously evolving environment.
Phillip Booghier Google review by Phillip Booghier Google

Robert Pomper had been an amazing Attorney. I have stood with him for 2 years. He works hard for his clients and is proficient in family law. I am thankful I found a great attorney to help me navigate tough life and family issues.
Danny Sandoval Google review by Danny Sandoval Google

I wish that I had hired Robert Pomper from the beginning of my divorce proceedings. My previous two lawyers at different firms did not give me all options to explore for custody for my children. I agreed to 50/50% custody and joint decision making when my children were three. I thought that things would get better for my children and we could co-parent together effectively. This was not the case. I was in a high conflict situation with my ex about decisions that should be easy. I retained Robert, because he had strategies for my case and how to execute them. I have retained Robert three times because he gets you the results you want. He has made a huge difference to the quality of my life with my children. The first time I retained him he helped get my children into therapy and obtain more custody. A year later, things were still not working for my children at the other house, so I went back for more custody and decision making. Robert was a master with negotiating with my ex to get this for my children. My ex was very angry at times, but Robert explained his options to him in a fair and calm manner. He even deescalated my angry ex and we were able to work together for a resolution. I received custody of my children and decision making without going to court, thanks to Robert. He is always prepared and advocates what is best for children. Robert has a great professional demeanor, along with a welcomed sense of humor making the situation bearable and this allowed me to remain calm and sane and focused on the well-being of my children during a tumultuous time in my life. Robert developed a collaborative working relationship and made me feel like I was his only client and worked diligently to achieve a positive parenting outcome for me and a better outcome for my children. I will forever be grateful to Robert for all he has done for our family. When I first retained Robert my kids were six, now they are thirteen---I cant tell you how his help and expertise had changed the course of our lives in a positive way. Robert is very helpful in thinking long-term instead of on the immediate. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a sound lawyer. Thank you!
Melissa Parlapiano Google review by Melissa Parlapiano Google

Robert Pomper handled my case. Despite the many unexpected twists and turns that were thrown our way, he was willing to dive in and find the best solution. I felt Robert always wanted what was best for me and was willing to fight for it. I highly recommend Robert for your family law needs.
Jennifer Rolland Google review by Jennifer Rolland Google

I was represented by the law office of Clifton Black a few months ago and had an amazing experience. They not only helped me with my case but months later still helped me with advice on another case. They are unlike any firm because I truly felt taken care of. I genuinely appreciate Cliff and his firm. 10/10 recommended
Baylee Robey Google review by Baylee Robey Google

I highly recommend Alison Blackwell for anyone seeking dedicated, smart, effective representation. She worked so hard on a very convoluted and difficult case, coordinated with other other attorneys, was available for anything and any questions, and most importantly, there is no doubt that she truly cares for her clients. If you need legal defense representation, I honestly don't think there is a better attorney in the city. He paralegal Leslee is also fantastic and everyone we encountered in the entire firm, even reception, was helpful, kind and efficient.
S C Google review by S C Google

Alison Blackwell represented me when I was in a tough situation. With her experience, expertise and guidance everything turned out perfectly. She fought hard for me. She is a professional and I truly felt like she cared about me and how my situation would be resolved. I was so happy and lucky that we met each other. Thank-you Allison, you changed my life!
Larson Dru Google review by Larson Dru Google

Robert Pomper has been my lawyer and go to subject matter expert for all my post decree issues regarding the custody of my kid since 2013. I have needed Robert many times through the years and will continue to rely on Robert in the coming years. Having to continually deal with a high conflict parallel parenting situation, Robert is always able to bring calmness to very stressful and emotional situations, able to provide clarity and peace of mind through his strategies and is extremely professional and will advocate for your case effectively. I highly recommend and do refer Robert to anyone needing guidance during these times in their life. You will not regret having Robert by your side.
Jennifer Anderson Google review by Jennifer Anderson Google

My daughter needed someone to represent her. After much research we decided to talk to Alison Blackwell with the Law Offices of Clifton Black. After the initial discussion, she gave us the confidence to choose her as our attorney feeling that we would be well represented. Alison and her paralegal Leslee Cadenas made sure we knew what to expect at our hearing (that was our first experience, so it can be intimidating) and throughout the whole process. They filed the necessary briefs and motions in a timely fashion and made sure we were kept up to date. Ultimately we had a positive outcome with our case being dismissed. Needless to say, we are very pleased with our representation and would not hesitate to acquire their services again.
David Childers Google review by David Childers Google

I had a pretty clear and cut case that was resolved rather easily. Nothing was over complicated, covered all their bases would for sure recommend hiring these guys and gals in heart beat.
Brianna Rae Google review by Brianna Rae Google

Charles Allen and his assistant Leslee are professional and always ready to do anything they can to help. He explained what to expect in court and what needed to be done before hand. Charles was very helpful and knowledgeable. He always kept me informed on the status of the case. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney.
Claudia Hernandez Google review by Claudia Hernandez Google

Charles helped seal my cases and successfully got both cases sealed even though we initially didn't believe they could be sealed. Jennifer and Leslee helped me stay informed throughout the process. Everyone was very helpful and patient.
Mike Wendt Google review by Mike Wendt Google

I recently used the services of Cliff Black to sell my business. I am 100% satisfied with this experience. Cliff helped with so many things that I would have missed otherwise. His knowledge helped put me in the driver's seat. I feel that I got the best possible deal and he was worth every penny! You need the best possible resources when engaging in important negotiations. Cliff either had all the answers or knew how to find them! Great service! He was also prompt in returning calls and never made me feel that I was an interruption... Easy 5 star review!
Todd Williams Google review by Todd Williams Google

Charles Allen represented me for a speeding ticket and was such a pleasure to work with! He was able to get the charge dismissed! Highly, highly recommend!
Vashti L Google review by Vashti L Google

I was represented by Robert Pomper in my divorce, and I could not be happier with the outcome. My divorce like many others was made more complicated by the other party and every hurdle was put in my way. It was a relief to have Robert on my side. He took so much stress off of me. He always kept me updated in a timely manner and clarified anything I had to provide for court. When dealing with me he was very kind, respectful and empathetic, which I truly appreciate. In court he is calm but direct, this went over very well with the judge and helped me regulate my own emotions. In the end he is a major contributor in me being able to start a new chapter in my life, to which I will always be grateful.
Danielle Hines Google review by Danielle Hines Google

Atty Alison Blackwell is very professional on her work, Shes always there when you call and answers you message right away. So you dont feel left alone. I really respect her and appreciate all her effort and at the end. The case is dismissed. Job well done! I would recommend her . Also Leslee Cardenas as there by her side and there for helping me with all my question. Thanks to both of you!!
Mercury Hesse Google review by Mercury Hesse Google

Alison and Leslee stuck with case from start to finish and achieved the favorable results we desired for the original estimation of costs. Her heart and legal mind were on the job. Excellent Job.
Kc Carolan Google review by Kc Carolan Google

I needed legal representation for an eviction and the law offices of Clifton Black made the process incredibly streamlined. They were responsive, quick acting and they were able to secure me a default judgement to get a problem tenant out of my house. Thanks to Charles Allen and his staff. A job well done!
Patrick Willis Google review by Patrick Willis Google

Attorney Chris is a terrific lawyer. He was professional and kind. He knew what he was doing and we just felt very safe with him.His paralegals were all just wonderful and supportive. We couldnt be happier we found him.
bisi ohio Google review by bisi ohio Google

The Law Offices of Clifton Black were professional, responsive and effective. They went above and beyond. Attorney's Alison Blackwell and Charles Allen worked hard to get me a more than satisfactory outcome. The paralegal Leslee, was also extremely helpful and ensured my answers were always answered.
Mikhail Cadenas Google review by Mikhail Cadenas Google

A very pleasant experience, I been trying to get my son out for.5 years, through the 5 year the police been here over 75 times, it took your firm 90 days and no going to court. I am very pleased, and would recommend your firm to friends and family if they needed it Thank you very much.
Phil Renkel Google review by Phil Renkel Google

If you're looking for a Law office that gets results and takes your case seriously this is it! From the first phone call I was never misled or left questioning a single thing. Every email I sent was either responded to quickly or they would call me to make sure they understood my question so they could answer it accurately. Thank you!!
Dustin Maze Google review by Dustin Maze Google

They also do family law. I was very pleased with Allison's responsiveness, knowledge and negotiation skills in getting to a quick resolution. At a strenuous time in life it was comforting to know we had competent people in our corner.
Paul McDermott Google review by Paul McDermott Google

Working with Allison was a breeze. I consulted with her once and decided the price was right (I am on disability and could not afford the other attorneys that I consulted). She did an excellent job and I would use her again. She really cares.
Nancy McGrath Google review by Nancy McGrath Google

Alison Blackwell is a great attorney! She cares for her clients and she was willing to fight for my case despite its many complications. She is a great representative in and out of the court. I highly recommend! Thank you Alison!
James Wood Google review by James Wood Google

This review goes to Charles Allen, I was being represented by someone else prior to him that was supposed to be one of the best in cos that didnt do a fraction of what Charles did, hes always responded to all my emails,calls. He checked on me regularly with updates and even walked me to all the places I needed to go in the court room/probation even across the street to pay my fines. The best offer I was getting was 5 years doc for possession of 20 lbs of thc concentrate and he fought relentlessly to get me down to 3 years of probation and some community service. In my opinion this is the best attorney in the springs hands down without a question. I thank you and so does my family!
MOTORHEADS RACING (Nick) Google review by MOTORHEADS RACING (Nick) Google

Alison Blackwell represented me in Freemont County. She was outstanding. Very prepared and professional. She stood out as a very professional attorney. All my cases were dismissed and she proved that justice can served! Thanks so much!
Arthur Chambers Google review by Arthur Chambers Google

I have known Cliff for more than 10 years and I can tell you he is the best of the best! He is very professional and will go above and beyond your expectations. I would not recommend any other attorney in this town!!
Hope Reffel Google review by Hope Reffel Google

Mr. Charles Allen is an amazing attorney, he worked along side with Ms. Leslee, Jennifer as well as Mr. Clifton Black to ensure that I had the appropriate amount of counsel and support while serving as my defense attorney. Mr. Charles was a very distinguished lawyer who devoted countless amount of time and energy to ensure that I had a fair fight while going through the process of court. Not only was he a brilliant man and an expert in his craft, but he was also a passionate, considerate, and a just man in which I come to have the fullest respect for during our previous encounter. I am grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism that you have shown towards me. You, your staff, and your team are truly the best group of individuals in the state of Colorado and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with the Law Offices of Clifton Black. May the Law Offices of Clifton Black continue to prosper in the years to come and may GOD continue to bless you all in the work that you do. Thank you so much for all the help, support, and counsel Mr. Charles Allen!
Lawrence Long Google review by Lawrence Long Google

The Lawyer Alison Blackwell and her paralegal Leslee Cadenas were very effective, efficient, and responsive. They kept us informed and updated on a regular basis and explained each step of the cases. We were very pleased that all of our requests were handled and the cases were dealt with and all is complete and much better. We Won! The cases we took to them got resolved in a very good & solid manner. IF anyone or group has any law/legal issues it is prudent to talk with this legal team and see what your options are. Thank You. Peace & Health!
MyelinProductions Google review by MyelinProductions Google

Working with Charles Allen and Leslee Cadenas was a great experience. Always quick to answer any questions I had and very thorough explaining what the next steps were. Thankfully the law offices were able to successfully handle my case and I am pleased with the outcome.
Jon McElyea Google review by Jon McElyea Google

Cliff Black not only got me a desired outcome, but more importantly, he & his staff were extremely responsive & very helpful. All calls & emails were responded to within hours. Im told my case was a tiny deal, but It was a big deal to me and could not have asked for better representation. Thank you, Cliff & Co!
Amy Helmer Google review by Amy Helmer Google

Charles Allen is an amazing attorney and has done everything to help me with my case. Hes always available and tried to give the proper advice to the best of his ability. Without him throughout this process, I know I wouldve been completely lost and in a way worse situation. I couldnt be happier with the job Mr. Allen has done. He is a true professional and exceptional attorney exceeding all my expectations.
Sk R Google review by Sk R Google

Charles Allen is the epitome of the Clifton Black motto, "An Advocate You Can Trust". He was always honest about the ramifications of what we did, or were about to do. My case never made any sense, but we had to respond to it anyway. Charles led me to the best decision that could be made under the circumstances. And, together we fought off some much less acceptable ones. He helped me down the path of the best success we could hope for, and he communicated with crystal clarity. We didn't get what we thought we deserved, but the other side got even less. So, it was a success. It was expensive financially, but that is the nature of the law business. I never felt I was pressured for money, and I got much more than could be expected for what it cost me. Without Charles' guidance, it would have cost a lot more. Meeting Charles and all the great people at CB was happenstance for me, but anyone who needs your services will get my highest recommendation.
Ed Luszcz Google review by Ed Luszcz Google

Charlie was very concise in helping me understand the process through my first criminal offense. He helped negotiate a plea deal that I could be satisfied with while also being open to trial if the DA would not come out way. I felt like Charlie would've done anything I asked of him. Had this not been my first encounter in trouble with the law, I'm sure I would've been comfortable being more aggressive with Charlie at my back.
M. Mulder Google review by M. Mulder Google

I have been a client of Clifton Black for more than a decade and have referred countless friends to Cliff and his firm. They are hard-working, detail oriented and they will always do the right thing. I've never had an instance of being overcharged or under represented. You can trust The Law Offices of Clifton Black. Update: I engaged the services of Clifton Black's office again for some paralegal work and Leslee was amazing! Responsive and timely. This is my go-to for all things legal!
Jeremy Stump Google review by Jeremy Stump Google

GREAT SERVICE!!! Sometimes life is consequences, or circumstances .... but NOT with Jennifer Leyba, para-legal, and Charles Allen, Attorney at Law. I called with an important need and VERY little time, Jennifer attentively listened to my problem and thought that I could use a level of greater insight. She immediately put me in touch with Charles Allen, after reviewing the circumstance, both provided accurate legal insight and options that I had not considered, in no time at all. The staff at Clifton Black, and especially Jennifer Leyba and Charles are exceptional, not only legally, but also, from a caring human point of view. Great job, and thank you for the insight and assistance, Jennifer and Charlie. Thank you, again, Terry Wilson
Terry Wilson Google review by Terry Wilson Google

I want to personally thank Charles and the whole team at Clifton Black. Before my case, I consulted many attorney offices and Charles was the only one that I felt didn't treat me like I was already guilty and fighting to save face. Throughout the process, he was always positive and fighting the clear my name. He was open with communication and always kept me informed of all my decisions and how he was going defend me. It has been a wonderful experience and I'm happy with the outcome.
Cecil Brown Google review by Cecil Brown Google

This was my first time dealing with the legal system. Not knowing or understanding the legal system I knew I needed a lawyer to help me through it. After meeting with Charles Allen and discussing my case I decided to retain him. This was a very good decision as I was usually unsure of what was going to happen and he has this calm and collective attitude. He would answer my questions to the best of his knowledge and if he wasn't sure of the answer he would look into it and get me the info I needed. I hope I never have to get a lawyer again for any reason but if I do I would definitely be reaching out to him again. The staff at the firm are very professional and always keep you up to date with everything. They will even email you a reminder of any upcoming court dates just so you don't forget.
Robert Thomas Google review by Robert Thomas Google

I have known Cliff for over a decade and there is nobody else to whom i would refer clients in the areas in which he practices. Among his many areas of talents, Cliff also has excellent knowledge and background in helping clients buy and sell businesses. Cliff is very thoughtful and helps client assess risk in carving out any strategy during representation. I also don't know many people who care about their clients as much as Cliff. Clients love him as his care and compassion are evident throughout any case and he is very responsive to his clients.
Robert Lawrence Google review by Robert Lawrence Google

Wonderful representation if you're in need of such services, professional, communication is great, appreciate everything they have done for us
David B Google review by David B Google

I had a very asinine case, and needed some serious assistance resolving the matter. I found this law firm on Google and it was the highest recommended one for a very good reason. Alison was professional and mitigated my case; Leslee was wonderful and assisted my case as well. I thoroughly recommend this law firm, most definitely.
Ariel Mayberry Google review by Ariel Mayberry Google

Mr. Black was compassionate and helpful and although I didn't employ his services, he advised me and referred me to individuals that helped me resolve my legal issue in the most economical and efficient way possible. I highly recommend this firm. The consultation was free, informative, and reassuring.
Dana Walters Google review by Dana Walters Google

I'm grateful I hired Charles Allen to represent me. He was very professional and explained everything in a way I could understand. He was easy to talk to and showed genuine concern for my problems. Ultimately, I got the result that I hoped for. I highly recommend him.
Leland Krich Google review by Leland Krich Google

My Husband was pulled over a year ago for Speeding here in Colorado Springs. They were also trying to charge him with DUI in the same stop. We hired Charles to help fight the DUI. It was a year long process because of COVID. We are so very thankful for Charles because he was able to get the DUI dismissed because he won our motion. He came to the table with enough evidence as to why the officer didnt have enough probable cause to accuse my husband of a DUI and we are walking out of this only being charged with speeding and paying for the ticket! I Would recommend him to anyone involved with similar issues!
Chasity Childers Google review by Chasity Childers Google

Mr. Charles Allen is a very professional and likeable attorney with the Clifton Black Law Firm. Mr. Allen helped my daughter with her DUI case and she and I are forever grateful. Mr. Allen dissected every aspect of the case and explained each to us in layman terms. Because of his hard work, attention to detail, and litigation skills, the case was ultimately dismissed which gave my daughter the opportunity to continue to pursue her goals. Mr. Allen's parting words to my daughter, "stay out of trouble and continue in school" had a tremendous affect and I'm grateful. I am so happy I choose Clifton Black and Mr. Allen was selected for this case. Mr. Allen was truly a blessing!
Brenda Conner Google review by Brenda Conner Google

We hired Charles Allen to represent us in a felony case after our previous attorney dumped us. Charles was very professional, personable and meticulous from the get-go. Our case ended up going to jury trial. If you've ever watched any great lawyer tv show and wondered if any real-life attorneys give such passionate closing arguments, we found him. This man was phenomenal in our successful not-guilty verdict against a determined district attorney. Thank you Charles Allen!
Tony D Google review by Tony D Google

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