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Buying/Selling Marijuana Business

Interested in buying or selling marijuana business in Colorado? Schedule a half-hour meeting with attorney Clifton Black to go over the listings of businesses we have available here in Colorado. Please note, the meetings will be limited to two participants at a time.

Below are a couple of marijuana business listings that are available. The listings consist of Multiple Marijuana Centers (MMC), Optional Premise Cultivations (OPC), and Marijuana-Infused Product Manufacturers (MIP).

Marijuana Business Listings:

  • Business Listing MIP #19-7: This MIP business currently processes eight different dispensaries in the Colorado area. The company has won multiple awards in the industry for its high-end product. The possibility of expansion is there when a new license is purchased. All assets will be included such as an extraction machine and vacuum ovens.
  • Business Listing #20-7:  This listing can produce about 1,800 pounds of product a year. The property has been updated with the absolute best assets to produce top of the line products.
  • Business Listing #21-4: An industry giant with various locations and licenses available. A decade of established locations and clients.

If you are in the Colorado locations of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and Pueblo County, take advantage of a half hour free meeting with attorney Clifton Black to discuss the business listings. To book a meeting with Clifton Black, call (719) 328-1616.

*These meetings will be limited to only the listings above. No legal advice will be offered nor will this constitute any attorney-client relationship.

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