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What Are The Penalties For Theft Of Rental Property

The following table explains the penalties for theft of rental property.




Mandatory Period

of Parole

Class 3


Four years imprisonment

Fine $20,000

Twelve years imprisonment

No limit on fine

Five years after release

Class 4 Felony

Two Years imprisonment

Fine $1,000

Six years imprisonment

Fine $20,000

Three years after release

Class 1


Six months imprisonment, or five hundred dollar fine, or both

Eighteen months imprisonment, or five thousand dollars fine, or both


Class 2 Misdemeanor

Three months imprisonment, or two hundred fifty dollars fine, or both

Twelve months imprisonment, or one thousand dollars fine, or both


Class 3 Misdemeanor

Fifty dollars fine

Three Years Imprisonment


What Happens if You Commit Theft of Rental Property More Than Once?

Colorado Revised Statute  § 18-4-402 Theft of Rental Property

(6) When a person commits theft of rental property twice or more within a period of six months, two or more of the thefts of rental property may be aggregated and charged in a single count, in which event the thefts so aggregated and charged shall constitute a single offense, and, if the aggregate value of the property involved is one thousand dollars or more but less than twenty thousand dollars, it is a class 5 felony; however, if the aggregate value of the property involved is twenty thousand dollars or more, it is a class 3 felony.

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