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Property Crimes

The term “property crimes” encompasses a wide range of activities such as arson, burglary, criminal mischief, theft, trespass, and robbery. Also, the legal consequences from a property crime offense can be severe depending on the value of the item that was damaged or stolen. Furthermore, the use of weapons, violence, or the involvement of drugs can negatively impact the charges you are facing. Property crimes can span from a misdemeanor to a felony offense under Colorado law. Often times, the classification of the offense depends on the value of the damaged or loss property. However, law enforcements ask the alleged victims to estimate the amount of the damage. It is crucial to have a legal counsel; your charges can escalate without proper representation.

Lawyer for Property Crimes in Colorado Springs

If you have been charged with any form of property crime (e.g., arson, robbery, etc.), it is in your best interest to speak with a qualified attorney. At Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, our experienced attorneys can help evaluate your case and our legal team provides effective and efficient defenses for clients. Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC represents people accused of property crimes throughout El Paso County and surrounding counties including Pueblo County and Teller County.

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Property Crimes Information Center

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Types of Property Crimes

There are different types of crimes that classify as property crimes. Unlike violent crimes or sex crimes which target individuals or people, most property crimes target objects/items. In the state of Colorado property crimes range from petty offenses such as vandalism to felonies like robbery or arson. Below are a few examples of types of property offenses:

  • Arson – An individual commits the crime of arson when he or she intentionally sets fire to someone else’s property
  • Burglary – A burglary offense is a form of property crime because it entails that the defendant trespassed someone’s property. Under common law, burglary is the unlawful entry into a building or occupied structure with the intent to commit a crime inside. Burglary is a felony in Colorado, and the extent of the felony depend on the facts of your case.
  • Criminal Mischief/Vandalism – This is the action of knowingly damaging another person’s property. Criminal mischief charges can also occur in domestic violence situations when a person knowingly damages the real or personal property of another. The penalties depend on the value of the damaged items.
  • Trespassing – When an individual unlawfully enters or remains on the property.
  • Robbery – Under Colorado’s Revised Statutes article 18 part 4, robbery is a form of theft and it is illegal to knowingly take directly from another person by use of force, threats or intimidation is robbery.
  • Theft – In Colorado, theft is an umbrella term for a variety of crimes ranging from simple petty theft to violent burglaries or robberies.
  • Defacing Property – Under Colo. Rev. Stat. §18-4-509, defacing property such as private property, caves, and historical monuments is a class 2 misdemeanor. A class 2 misdemeanor consist of having to pay a fines and a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail.

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Additional Resources

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Colorado Legal Resources – Follow the link to visit the Colorado Legal Resource Public Access Website. View the Colorado laws regarding property crimes, and other theft offenses.

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Criminal Defense Attorney for Property Crimes in Colorado

Individuals who are facing charges for property crimes could be facing a serious felony, it is in your best interest to contact a skilled property crimes defense attorney. At Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC the experienced attorneys will work tirelessly to get the most favorable outcome in your specific situation. We assist clients in areas such as El Paso County, Denver County and Arapahoe County. Call us at (719) 328-1616 or complete an online contact form to schedule a confidential consultation.

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