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Ignition Interlock Device

Driving under the influence in Colorado can result in serious consequences. One of these includes the required installation of an ignition interlock device (IID). An ignition interlock device is essentially a breathalyzer attached to your car’s engine. You must blow into the device with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) lower than .08 to operate the vehicle.

An IID is expensive and you will be in charge of paying the full cost for installation and monthly calibration fees. Additionally, an IID can sometimes malfunction, meaning you could be stranded without a car if it gives you a false BAC.

DUI offenders should expect to install an IID for eight months. In some cases, offenders are obligated to have their IID installed for up to two years. If you or someone you know has been court-ordered to install an ignition interlock device, then it’s important you get in contact with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

DUI Lawyer Explains Ignition Interlock Devices in El Paso County, CO

Ignition interlock devices are costly and are not always accurate. Installing an IID could limit your movements and interfere with your career or household duties. To fight this, you can call a skilled DUI defense lawyer.

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Overview of Ignition Interlock Devices in CO

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What is an Ignition Interlock Device (IID)?

An ignition interlock device is similar to a breathalyzer that’s attached to your engine. The device requires you to submit a breath sample before starting the car. If you have a BAC at or above .08, then the engine will be locked for a certain period of time.

The car will basically be unusable until the device detects a BAC under the legal limit. It may also log the event internally. You won’t be able to “cheat” your way around the IID either. An ignition interlock device requires “rolling samples,” meaning re-tests while you’re driving.

If your BAC is above .08 during a rolling sample, then the car will flash the lights and honk the horn excessively until you pull over. The device does this to deter offenders from having their friends or family blow for them to start their car.

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Ignition Interlock Laws in Colorado

Colorado law imposes ignition interlock devices for offenders who wish to have their license reinstated early instead of a sentencing condition. You must install an IID before you can reinstate your license and you must have the affidavit that proves you have.

You can only reinstate your license after serving one month of revocation and after you install an IID. The following are the interlock requirements needed to obtain early reinstatement.

  • 8 months if it’s your first DUI;
  • 2 years if it’s your first DUI with a BAC above .15;
  • 2 years if it’s your second DUI conviction

Colorado also requires the installation of an ignition interlock device if you refused chemical testing. If you refused testing, there’s a two-year interlock requirement to obtain early reinstatement.

“Habitual traffic offenders” have a different waiting period for early reinstatement. Colorado law states if you’ve been convicted of three “qualifying offenses” over the last seven years, then you’ll be designated as a habitual traffic offender. These qualifying offenses include:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI);
  • Driving while ability impaired (DWAI);
  • Driving under suspended or revoked license;
  • Reckless driving; and
  • Vehicular assault or homicide

If the court finds you’re a habitual traffic offender, then your license will be revoked for five years. You may be eligible for early reinstatement with a one-year interlock requirement or for the remainder of your revocation period if:

  • One of the offenses was on or after July 1, 2000; and
  • You served at least one month of revocation and were approved for early reinstatement by the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR)

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How Much Does an Ignition Interlock Device Cost?

Ignition interlock devices can also be expensive. The court will require you to pay the full cost of the installation, including monthly calibration costs. You must buy an installation ignition device from a certified provider that has been approved by the Department of Revenue (CDOR). In addition, most providers require a deposit initially.

IID installation companies will typically give you a quote on the possible pricing. Some companies will offer payment plans for people who are financially struggling. The general cost and installation for an IID includes:

  • $70$100 for installation;
  • $60$80 for monthly calibration costs;
  • $100 for a refundable deposit; and
  • Other possible monthly insurance charges

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Additional Resources

Colorado’s DUI Laws – Visit the official website for Colorado state laws and legislation. Access the statutes to find the penalties and admissible defenses for DUI in Colorado. In addition, you can read further on the ignition interlock requirements for Colorado.

Approved Interlock Vendors – Visit the official website for the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) to access contact information for state-approved interlock providers. Access their sites to gain a possible price quote, read their frequently asked questions and sign up for an IID.

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DUI Lawyer for IIDs in El Paso County, CO

If you or someone you know has been court-ordered to install an IID, it’s important you gain legal representation. It’s likely you were charged with DUI and you will need a strong defense. Call Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC to speak to a knowledgeable attorney today about your charges.

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