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DUI Phase 4 – Investigation

Once the police officer has made contact with a driver, the police officer may then start investigating the possibility the driver is drunk, DUI, DWAI or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Generally, the first clues after the traffic stop that an officer looks for is the odor of alcohol, red and/or watery eyes, slurred speech, thick tongue, and flushed face. The officer will also be observing the driver’s motor skills while the driver is retrieving his / her driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration. An officer may then ask the driver if they have been drinking. The most common answers drivers will provide if they have been drinking is “2 beers / drinks,” or “a couple”, or “a few.”

A person is not required to answer incriminating questions and defense attorneys, defense lawyers, DUI attorneys, DUI lawyers would prefer that their clients not answer these types of questions by politely declining to answer.  Once a police officer suspects the driver has been drinking, is drink driving, DUI, DWAIor is under the influence of drugs while driving, the officer is likely to request the driver to perform standard field sobriety tests (In many jurisdictions, including Colorado Springs, a DUI enforcement officer may be requested).  These tests are voluntary.  Although cops will not call attorneys and lawyers during the investigation for DUI, DUI attorneys and DUI lawyers would advise clients to politely decline the roadside field sobriety tests, including a hand held breath test device.

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