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Department of Motor Vehicle Proceedings

Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles

The information on DUI, DWAI, drunk driving process with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, below is provided as a convenience for people accused of drinking and driving offenses or any one curious about the laws in Colorado for drunk driving offenses.  The DMV process below is not legal advice and cannot be deemed legal advice.  Because the laws for DUI, DWAI, or any related drinking and driving offense change on a regular basis, a person charged with DUI, DWAI or any related drinking and driving offense is strongly encourage to research the laws through the Colorado Statutes / Colorado laws for any changes or hire a DUI attorney / DUI lawyer that is familiar with the laws of Colorado.  The Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, LLC has 4 attorneys that provide criminal defense for drinking and driving related offenses, also known as DUI, DWAI, DWI, drunk driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs, or both alcohol and drugs.  This law firm provides free consultations for persons with criminal charges under Colorado law.

The Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the governmental agency that issues, suspends, and revokes driver’s licenses.  As such, when a person is charged with drunk driving, drinking and driving, also known as DUI, the DMV receives the results of the driver’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level if that level is .08 or higher (.02 if the driver is a minor), if the driver tested positive for drugs, or if the driver refused to submit to a breath or blood test when the driver is suspected of drinking and driving.

When the driver is stopped and charged for a drinking and driving, DUI, DWAI related driving offense, the driver has a choice between blood or breath.

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