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Colorado Medical Marijuana Articles

The following articles, listings and videos feature Clifton Black and his activism for the Colorado Medical Marijuana industry:

Colorado Springs Independent, “MMJ Patient Bob Crouse Wins Big with Colorado Court of Appeals“, 12/19/2013

Colorado Springs Independent, “Crouse Sues City Over Destroyed Marijuana“, 01/04/2013

Colorado Springs Gazette, “Pioneers in Green Rush Can Face Difficult Legal Road“, 01/07/2013

Colorado Springs Gazette, “Man Acquitted in MMJ Case Due to Get His Medicine Back“, 11/2/2012

iCannabis Radio discusses Clifton Black’s recent MMJ victory

Colorado Springs Independent, “Cannabiz: Lessons from Arizona“, 5/24/2012

Colorado Springs Independent, “Cannabiz: Troubles with Lawyers and MMJ“, 5/9/2012

KRDO News, “New MMJ Dispensary Coming to Colorado Springs”, 1/14/2012

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, “Feds Promise More Warning Letters”, 1/20/2012

Colorado Springs Independent, “More Federal MMJ Enforcement On Its Way“, 1/16/2012

Colorado Springs Gazette, “Feds Order Some Colorado Medical Pot Businesses To Close“, 1/12/2012

Colorado Springs Business Journal, “I-Comply to Host Medical Cannabis Forum”, 11/7/2011

Colorado Springs Independent, “What California Could mean for Colorado“, 10/13/2011

Colorado Springs Independent, “California MMJ Dispensaries Ordered to Close“, 10/6/2011

Colorado Springs Independent, “Hand In Pocket”, 6/30/2011

KOAA, “State Regulations That Will Case Medical Marijuana Businesses to Close”, 6/8/2011

Colorado Springs Independent, “City Delays MMJ Licensure Ordinance Two Weeks“, 5/18/2011

Colorado Springs Gazette, “A Lesson on MMJ Helps School Officials Deal with Emerging Issues“, 4/15/2011

KRDO News, “Medical Cannabis Counsel”, 4/14/2011

News First Today Weekend, “Medical Marijuana DUI/THC Bill”, 4/10/2011

Colorado Springs Independent, “High on Gallagher“, 1/27/2011

Colorado Springs Gazette, “Judge Says Police Justified in Searching Medical Pot Business“, 1/20/2011

Colorado Springs Independent, “Springs MMJ Growers Facing Felony Charges”, 10/14/2010

Colorado Springs Independent, “Rocking the Vote?”, 10/14/2010

Colorado Springs Business Journal, “Reefer Madness: Good for Business”, 6/19/2010

Colorado Springs Independent, “MMJ Panel in Denver”, 5/24/2010

Colorado Springs Gazette, “GOP-backed Medical Marijuana Bill Opens Door for Local Dispensary Ban”, 5/1/2010

Colorado Springs Independent, “Local MMJ Community Grapples with House Bill 1284”, 5/13/2010

Colorado Springs Independent, “Regulation Reaction“, 5/13/2010

KKTV 11 News, “Raids Strike Fear in Medical Marijuana Community”, 5/13/2010

KKTV 11 News, “Medical Marijuana Rates”, 5/13/2010

KKTV 11 News, “Update: Medical Marijuana Rates”, 5/14/2010

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, “Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near Schools, Residential Areas May be Shuttered”, 2/23/2010

Colorado Springs Gazette, “MEDICAL MARIJUANA SPECIAL REPORT: The Laws and Dispensaries“, 2/6/2010

Colorado Springs Independent, “What California Could Mean for Colorado”, 10/17/2011

Colorado Springs Business Journal, “Banking Could be Marijuana’s Death Knell”, 11/18/2011

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, “SPECIAL REPORT: As Springs Deals with Medical Marijuana, Residents Wait for Smoke to Clear”, 2/7/2010

Fox 21 News, “City Council Hears from DA on Medical Marijuana”, 10/26/2009

Watch Clifton Black speaking at the Cannabis Therapy Institute on May 24, 2010

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