Robert L. Pomper started his legal career in Chicago and came from one of the largest and most prestigious family law firms where he was director of litigation. Not only did Mr. Pomper have his own full caseload where he successfully litigated or negotiated many complex divorce/custody cases, but he also managed cases for the entire office to ensure that the firm’s clients and the attorneys were a successful team. He would meet regularly with the firm’s attorneys to help employ effective strategies to suit the particular facts of the case and the needs of the client.

Over the 29 years he has been practicing, he has represented many satisfied clients and always believes that it is important to really listen to what is most important to your client. It is then key to set out an effective strategy with the understanding that this may change, as necessary, in light of the many variables involved in the case. Having a regular, open dialogue with your client is one of the most effective, yet underutilized, tools in effective representation.

Mr. Pomper was born and raised right outside of Chicago and graduated with honors from the University of Chicago where he majored in PERL, an acronym for Politics, Economics, Rhetoric, and Law. He attended Tulane Law School and graduated near the top of his class.

After practicing law in Chicago for 18 years, Mr. Pomper moved to Colorado where he could be near the mountains and enjoy time outdoors. He is licensed in both Colorado and Illinois. He enjoys handling all aspects of family law, including contested cases involving children as well as complex financial cases. Robert handles cases all over the Denver metropolitan area as well as El Paso and Pueblo.