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The importance of office safety and cleaning

With concerns about spreading COVID-19, the Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC have made an active choice to help safeguard our staff and community. According to the El Paso County Health Department, more than 7,500 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in El Paso County since the virus was first detected in March 2020. As an essential business in Colorado Springs, we feel a tremendous responsibility to continue serving our community while also staying safe and healthy.

The Law Offices of Clifton Black are actively pursuing the prevention and spread of COVID-19 within our workplace, reducing the chances of infection.

For our staff: Frequent hand-washing is encouraged and the use of hand sanitizer when hand washing is unavailable, wearing face masks, social distancing, regular environmental cleaning, and disinfecting with alcohol-based sanitizer for surfaces that are touched regularly, including conference rooms and sitting areas. We require employees who are ill or who develop cold-like symptoms to notify the manager immediately, stay home, self-quarantine, and contact a medical professional. Attorneys are also encouraged to regularly be tested for coronavirus as they have the most potential exposure to the virus by attending court almost daily.

For our clients: Our firm provides alcohol-based hand sanitizer to our clients while in our office, encourages social distancing, and provides disposable face masks for those without a face covering on. We also ask that clients who are at high risk notify us right away so we can take measures to keep them safe and healthy.

These steps help keep our employees, our clients, and our community a little safer and assist in the prevention of spreading COVID-19. We encourage every business in Colorado and her residents to help take the necessary steps to help maintain a healthy environment. The Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC hopes that the steps we are taking for prevention reduces the spread of COVID-19 and bring a healthier tomorrow.

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