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State tracking error leads to mold and recall of moldy marijuana

Nine marijuana dispensaries in Colorado issued recalls in November after the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division declared its tracking system showed incorrect testing statuses.

Westword reports a METRIC software update caused a glitch in the system, resulting in the nine batches of marijuana flower and trim being sent around the state. METRIC is Colorado’s tracking system for every cannabis plant and product in the state.

The marijuana in question has concerns over mold and yeast.

An MED spokesperson told Westword there were more than nine batches of marijuana sent out at the time of the glitch but they were the only incorrectly labeled batches of plant matter that failed testing, that the department is aware of.

While the mold and yeast testing is concerning, Colorado is fairly strict when it comes to testing and compliance in the marijuana industry. Thankfully, subpar marijuana flower and trim is rare as the MED is stringent on quality.

Those who are looking to open their own marijuana business must have the appropriate license. You will have to get a different license if you want to get into the medical marijuana industry or marijuana retail industry. Some counties require business owners to get both licenses; some counties will only allow medical marijuana establishments.

Local and state application fees also apply to the licenses. A retail marijuana store license will cost $4,500 for the state application and $2,5000 for a local application, for example.

Beyond operating a store, marijuana licenses in Colorado are available for transporting, cultivating, testing facilities, product manufacturing, research and development, and more.

Cultivating marijuana that may be substandard or affects public safety can be damaging to your business. Penalties can include a suspended or revoked license, a fine per violation, or a $100,000 fine in lieu of suspension or revocation.

Penalties for license violations can include a $50,000 fine in lieu of a suspension or revocation. The penalties for a license infraction is a $10,000 fine.

The extent of each penalty depends on the severity of the violation, which category they fall into and if any aggravating factors were present.

Regardless of how familiar one is with Colorado’s marijuana laws, it is always a good idea to have an experienced attorney help when it comes to navigating the marijuana industry. As licensing alone shows, the state’s marijuana laws can be complex and confusing. Don’t commit a violation and find yourself paying fines to the state for mistakes that can be easily avoided.

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