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Attorney Clifton Black Earns Case Dismissal

’s senior defense partner, Clifton Black, earned a dismissal today on domestic violence charges. Upon the conclusion of the pre-plea investigation report, it was determined the District Attorney didn’t have a prima facie case, and it was immediately dismissed. The criminal defense lawyers at understand the importance of all resources while working a case, whether…
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Law Offices of Clifton Black June Dismissals

The defense attorneys here at have had a busy June – Clifton Black, our senior criminal defense partner, has earned several dismissals in the last week alone, including a probation revocation, marijuana charges, as well as a domestic violence matter. Our criminal defense associate Aaron Gaddis has had equal success this month– he too earned…
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All In A Week’s Work!

Our defense attorneys here at have certainly had a busy week – our senior defense partner, Clifton Black, has earned case dismissals on 4 matters in as many days, and our associate Aaron Gaddis earned a dismissal in the same time! The cases Clifton Black earned dismissals on were for theft, DUI, child abuse, and prohibited use of…
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Law Offices of Clifton Black Earn Trial Victory!

All of us at want to extend a big congratulations to our veteran associate attorney, Oliver Johnson, on his recent jury trial victory of March 2014. After 2 days in trial, Mr. Johnson’s hard work and advocacy on behalf of his client allowed the client to obtain not guilty verdicts on all 3 counts of…
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Our Colorado Criminal Law Guide Is Expanding!

If you’ve visited our Colorado Criminal Law Guide recently, you likely noticed new articles written by our senior defense partner Clifton Black. Our most recent additions are regarding assault & drug offenses, and we anticipate posting several more in the upcoming weeks! To learn more about Clifton Black & his approach to criminal defense matters, visit his profile here.

Clifton Black Earns Case Dismissal

On June 27, 2013, Clifton Black earned the dismissal of domestic violence, third degree assault, child abuse, & harassment charges for one of his defense clients. Our Colorado Criminal Law Guide has a sub-section devoted to information relating to domestic violence here. For more information about our senior defense partner Clifton Black & his approach to…
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Aaron Gaddis Earns Juvenile Diversion

In December 2013, our veteran defense associate Aaron Gaddissuccessfully earned a diversion on one of his juvenile cases. Diversion on juvenile matters typically include a period of probation, then, after the specified period of time lapses and no misdemeanor, felony, or other minor infractions/charges are incurred, the original violation is expunged from the minor’s record. The…
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New & Updated Theft Articles

The Theft in Colorado section of our Colorado Criminal Defense Guide has been updated, to include new articles on Theft of Trade Secrets and Theft Involving Mortgage Lending, all written by our senior criminal defense partner Clifton Black. Our guides are constantly growing and being revised, so check in periodically for our new content.

Recreational V. Medical Marijuana In Colorado: What Are The Pros & Cons To Owning A Red Card?

Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana were approved by the voters of Colorado through amendments to the Colorado Constitution. A common questions is: What are the pros and cons of keeping a red card? The answer to this question will depend on patients’ specific scenario since the amendments differ in several ways. The below are…
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Legal Team Of Clifton Black, Charles Houghton & Laura Haynes Earn Landmark Marijuana Decision!

Congratulations to Robert Crouse and his legal team, Clifton Black, Charles Houghton, and Laura Haynes! The Colorado Court of Appeals, in a 2-1 decision, has affirmed the trial court’s ruling, that the police must return marijuana to a medical marijuana patient that has been charged and acquitted for possession of the marijuana. This ruling supports…
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