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Law Offices of Clifton Black Voted One of Colorado’s Best Marijuana Lawyers

The Law Offices of Clifton Black is rated as having some of the best marijuana lawyers in Colorado.

10 Buds, an outlet dedicated to marijuana news and developments, has named the Law Offices of Clifton Black as some of the best marijuana lawyers in the state.

“Marijuana laws and regulations at the state and local levels are constantly being updated in Colorado,” 10 Buds wrote. “A good cannabis law attorney will be familiar with the latest changes and will know the best angles from which to approach your charges or business venture:”

As part of its criteria for judging the best cannabis attorneys in Colorado, 10 Buds considered attorney who practice law involving cannabis business and cannabis-related crimes. Getting involved in the cannabis business in Colorado involves complying with a slew of state regulations, permits and fees that can be overwhelming to newcomers. Luckily, Clifton Black has been involved in marijuana law since 2009 and stays informed on all new developments in the industry.

“The cannabis industry in Colorado is exciting and growing. I enjoy helping business owners succeed in the industry,” Black said.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Clifton Black know more than just business formation when it comes to marijuana. Although cannabis is legal in Colorado, there are numerous ways for people to break the law with the substance. Driving under the influence, providing it to minors, using or carrying it any public places are some marijuana-related offenses people can make. Black and his associates are just as skilled at criminal defense with marijuana laws as they are at helping businesses.

“People make mistakes and run the risk of being unfairly punished for an infraction. That’s why it’s always smart to contact an attorney who knows all the nuisances of the industry,” Black said.

Whether you are looking to get your start in the business or you’re facing serious criminal charges, the Law Offices of Clifton Black P.C. can help you navigate any aspect of Colorado’s cannabis laws. Call us at (719)328-1616 and see what we can do for your case today.

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