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Joe Gorman Obtains Dismissal of Felony Charges

by Tracy Kellett

Congratulations to our associate attorney, Joe Gorman, for obtaining a dismissal of Felony sex assault charges this week.  Mr. Gorman’s hard work and advocacy allowed him to obtain information that when presented to the prosecuting attorney in District Attorney’s office showed his client’s innocence.  After the prosecuting attorney was presented with this evidence he was not able in good faith to proceed to trial against Mr. Gorman’s client.  This allowed Mr. Gorman’s client to avoid the expensive litigation cost of having to proceed all the way to trial in order to obtain a not guilty.

Our attorneys here at Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC understand the importance of the negotiation process, whether it’s a family law matter or a felony defense case, and can work with the other side in reaching the very best outcome for our clients prior to moving forward to a contested hearing.

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