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Law Offices of Clifton Black – Dismissal Of Charges

Clifton Black recently represented a client was charged with cruelty to animals. Client initially represented himself and received a plea offer from the prosecutor that would have required client to plead guilty, complete various requirements, and have a negative mark on his record. This could have resulted in client losing his security clearance, potentially being passed over for promotions, and any potential future employers being able to see the results of the plea agreement.

Client took advantage of the free consultation offered by Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC for criminal defense cases. At the consultation client learned that the allegations against him were weak and that there were defenses in his case.

Client elected to hire Clifton Black of Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC for representation. Cliff subpoenaed various documents from the treating veterinarian, that the prosecutor claimed did not exist. Cliff was able to discuss the situation with the vet. The attorney had the vet agree to the fact that animals can get sick for a variety of reasons, which do not amount to animal cruelty.

The attorney presented this information to the prosecutor and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss.

When first receiving criminal defense charges, many individuals feel rushed to accept the initial plea from the prosecutor in an attempt to “get it over with”. Our firm understands what our clients are experiencing – and for that reason we offer a free, 1/2 hour consultation for criminal defense matters, at which time one of our veteran defense attorneys will discuss the details of the case and provide straightforward guidance on the severity of the charges.

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