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Domestic Violence Allegations Increase as More People Quarantine

Life across the world has been disrupted, thanks to the coronavirus. Rather than leave for work and school every morning, people are ordered to quarantine at home in order to cut down spreading the coronavirus.

With people staying in close quarters near each other for the foreseeable future, domestic violence accusations are set to increase. News station Denver 7 reports Gateway Domestic Violence Services in Aurora told the news station that it experienced an increase in calls from March 19 to 25.

Domestic violence in Colorado is a serious accusation to face. The Colorado Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board said at least 43 people died of domestic violence in 2018 and that 39 people died of domestic violence in 2017. The board found that more than 80 percent of the perpetrators had a history of substance abuse. More than 90 percent of perpetrators also exhibited possessiveness of the victim.

Victims of domestic abuse absolutely have the right to have their accusations heard in court. However, not all accusations are truthful. What was a small altercation that may have involved some pushing or light physical contact can be spun as a full-blown assault. With people being unable to leave their homes, they may become more sensitive or higher strung than usual.

If you fear you may be stuck at home with someone who is looking to start a fight and accuse you of domestic violence, it is recommended that you distance yourself from the person as much as you can. Being accused of domestic violence in Colorado can upend your life.

Under Colorado law, any law enforcement officer dispatched to a location for a domestic-violence related call can arrest a suspect. This means even if the person is innocent, he or she can be arrested based off of an accusation. You may also be subjective to a protective order, meaning you cannot contact the alleged victim. If you’re living with your accuser, you may be forced to move out of your house.

If you don’t have a history substance abuse, don’t have possessive traits or have never expressed feelings of abandonment or betrayal, it’ll be harder for your accuser to portray you as an abuser. As the Colorado Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board reports, domestic violence abusers have specific characteristics and patterns.

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