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Clifton Black Explains New Marijuana Business Laws at SCCC

The Southern Colorado Cannabis Council (SCCC) successfully hosted an event meant to help inform those looking to get into the legal cannabis business in Colorado Springs. Recreational marijuana cannot be sold in Colorado Springs but two pieces of legislation signed by Governor Polis this session will offer more business and job opportunities in the city.

Clifton Black along with SCCC Executive Director, Jason Wharf, discussed HB19-1230 and HB19-1234 and their implications for the city at the Penrose Library Wednesday night. HB19-1234 legalizes the delivery of marijuana to users and patients while HB19-1230 authorizes licensing for those who want to start a marijuana club or hospitality space. Black welcomed both pieces of legislation especially the allowance for marijuana clubs.

Colorado Springs actually has legislation in place that allows for marijuana hospitality spaces but the current law is extremely restrictive and do not allow for the sale, transfer, or even distribution of marijuana in such spaces.

Black explained to KRDO that there is a need for places where people can consume marijuana, “We’ve had a lot of illegal clubs pop up here and there. We have two licensed clubs that are allowed to provide marijuana.”

Allowing marijuana clubs could be a potential boon for the tourism industry in the state.  Tourists that come to the state specifically for the cannabis industry may now have options to safely enjoy the drug without risking getting in trouble for smoking in their hotel or being cited for using the drug in public.

The SCCC still believes that Colorado Springs would benefit more from recreational retail and is pushing the city council to allow residents to vote on allowing recreational marijuana sales this year. Nothing is confirmed yet but know that Clifton Black will be at the forefront of any marijuana business law changes.

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