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Equipment Listing #20-8

State of the Art CBD Lab

The CBD industry is booming now more than ever. If you are wishing to be a part of this fruitful business venture, you may want to look into this CBD lab for sale which includes the latest and most advanced equipment. The lab has proven to be efficient with a capability of processing 200-300 lbs within 8 hours. Additionally, the purchase of the lab includes multi-day training of the CBD process. The prior owners will inform you of the specific techniques they developed over a year’s time that will enhance your product and lessen your workload.

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Hemp Plant Business Listing #21-2

Premier feminized hemp seed company in the U.S.

Booming hemp company with sales and revenue: $1.5M total sales since January 2019. $500,000 sales online, $1M direct bulk sales. Sales consist of 3 feminized hemp seed strains, including 2 exclusive proprietary strains that have performed at high levels throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central, and South America. We have customers all over the world from Saudi Arabia to Brazil.

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