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Business Listing #20-7

Price: $2,000,000

Amazing opportunity to purchase a new grow with well-established plants and equipment. Less than two years old, this facility is located in a highly desirable location and is capable of producing 1,800 lbs. per year. No expenses were spared during the buildout with only top of the line equipment being utilized and offers a newly upgraded circuit breaker with 1,200 amps, professional epoxy flooring, and fresh spray foam insulation. Facility is equipped with the iPonic 614 Hydroponic Controller in every room allowing users to manage the environment of the grow either in-house or remotely. Easily monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, and more from a mobile phone. Users can also set up text alerts to monitor spikes in the controlled environment.

Layout: Two story facility, Section A is 5,000 sq. ft. and Section B offers copious space for storage and office with an additional 2,000 sq. ft.

Section A:  This facility has five flower rooms, two veg rooms, and small clone area. Equipment included:

  • (54) Gravitas 277v lights
  • (1) Quest 506 Dehumidifier
  • (4) Quest 225 Dehumidifiers
  • (7) 5-ton A/C units, 2 of which can produce gas heat
  • (32) white 4×8 tables with trellis frames
  • Aqua for humidifiers

Veg 1 has (10) DE™ lights mixed hps/mh; (5) 4×8 tables; (1) 5-ton A/C unit and humidifier.

Veg 2 has (12) singled added hps/mh lights; (6) 4×8 tables; (1) 5-ton A/C unit and humidifier.

Clone area with 2 mh lights and clone racks.

Section B: Facility boasts a 2,000 sq. ft flower room with a 96’ Sun System DE™ system with electric controls and 48 Metal Halide bulbs to produce light for the vegging stage enhancing lush plants with strong structures. Equipment included:

  • (96) double ended 277v lights
  • (12) 5-ton A/C units, 2 of which can produce gas heat
  • (4) Quest 506 Dehumidifiers
  • Aqua fog humidifier up to 35 gal per hour
  • (8) 35’x5′ aluminum rolling tables with trellis frames
  • 6,000 lb. CO2 tank
  • Reverse Osmosis water filtration system

Lease: Friendly Landlord Seller owns building and is willing to negotiate lease terms. Long term lease options available.

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