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Business Listing # 20-5

Price: $850,000

2019 Gross Revenue $450,000

This is one of the oldest and most respected medical marijuana businesses in the Colorado Springs area.  Financials, pictures, and additional details available to qualified buyers.


Medical Marijuana Center (MMC)
Optional Premise Cultivation (OPC)
Infused Product Manufacturer (MIP)

Patient Count: 120 Patients

Plants: Flowering: 120 (approximate), Veg: 200 (Approximate)

Grow assets:

  1. 25 X 1000 watt light fixtures for flowering
  2. 5 X 1000 watt HPS lights for vegetative (veg) phase
  3. 8 X 360 watt T5 fixtures in veg
  4. Cameras covering every room
  5. Trim Room

Medical Marijuana Center Assets:

  1. Front desk area: 1 desktop computers, 1 card scanners, printer
  2. Point of Sale desk: 1 touch screen monitors, 1 label printers, 1 bar code scanners
  3. 1 product refrigerators
  4. 3 non-refrigerated display cabinets
  5. 1 40” 1 30” inch TV sofa and Love Seat
  6. Safe Room
  7. Extensive security system, including cameras, motion detectors, panic alarm buttons, and remote entry button at the front door.

Lab Assets:

  1. MIP Kitchen producing full-line of in house edibles to include Hard Candy, Truffles, cookies, and fruit snacks, and gummies.
  2. Fully functional CO2 extraction lab currently producing edible oils, shatter, wax, and vape oil and cartridge filling.
  3. Super Critical Apex CO2 extraction system
  4. Rotovaps
  5. Vacuum Oven
  6. Lab Glass
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