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Business Listing # 20-4

Price: $1,100,000


  • Medical Marijuana Center (MMC) opened in 2010
  • Optional Premise Cultivation opened 2013
  • Room to expand

Renewal dates:

  • City of Colorado Springs November 29, 2020
  • State November 29, 2020


Allowable plant count: 1500

Average number of plants: 520

Weekly harvest of 20 + lbs, hand-trimmed, custom drying racks

Financials:  2019 Sales – $815,000.   Average Sales 2015-2018  $790,000+

Layout:  13,000 sq. ft. total space.  5,500 sq. ft of grow space.  Facility has 2 veg rooms and 8 flower rooms.  Office, storage, and patient center.

Electrical:  3 phase power supplied by 3 main panels, upgraded service to the building.   Siemens Automation for lights, fans, and power.

Lighting: The lighting system upgraded with Duel ended 1000 watt HPS and 315 LEC (light emanating ceramic) CMH within the last year.

76 DE ,    9 SE,    55 – 315 CMH,   12 –   LED

HVAC:  30 tons HVAC, 4 gas heaters installed in the core of the facility. 12 small portable electric heaters, 10 – 180-pint dehumidifiers, 8 – 60-pint dehumidifiers, CO 2 Enriched rooms, each room exhausted separately through inline fans

Employees:  2 Employees for MMC, 7 for OPC, 1 manager, 3 trimmers, 3 growers

Other Assets:  4 computers, touch screen POS, 3 Safes, 2 Refrigerators, 1 Freezer, 3 printers, scanners, Cameras, 2 drying areas, dozens of fans, 40+ security camera system, equipped with motion sensors, glass break alarms, panic buttons, remote viewing and entry, extra tables, hoods, ballasts, fans, included for expansion

Lease:  Property is leased, monthly rate is $6,750 per month.  Lease expires at license expirations.  Currently year-to-year.  Building owner wishes to rent to new owners with long term lease, 5% escalation.   Water and trash included with lease.

Expansion:  1000 sq. ft. of the current space could be converted from working area/warehouse to grow or infused product space with the license.

Owner Finance/Carry:  Business is debt-free, owner carry options up to $300,000 may be available with real estate or agreement.


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