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Land Listing #21-8

Start your Marijuana Cultivation and/or Marijuana-Infused business.

Land Purchase Price $200,000 – Owner Carry with $50,000 down.

$1,000 down to preserve spot.  Low risk, buyer can close on the property after receiving local approval.

This area is in the San Luis Valley and is prime for licensed Colorado Cannabis Operations.  San Luis Valley is ideal for growing cannabis.

Purchase price is for one-acre, additional acres may be purchased.  5 acre lots are ideal to allow increasing plant count over time.

This does not include licenses, however, this area is designated as a Commercial Cannabis Park.  The local government and seller have worked together to zone this area for medical and recreational marijuana cultivations and medical and recreational marijuana Product Manufacturing.  The local government is very marijuana friendly.

Buyer may grow outdoors, or build buildings and greenhouses for indoor growing.  Also, owner is permitted to live on site.

Water is purchased at the rate of $.05 per gallon.  Power company provides three phase power, buyer would contract with the power company to directly build a service suited for buyer.

Once Buyer puts land under contract, an application can be submitted to the local government, once approved, Buyer would submit to the state of Colorado for state licensing.

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