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Dispensary Listing #19-3

Price: $1,490,000

License: Retail Marijuana Store, located in a town in Huerfano County

Layout: Approximately 1472 sf building with plenty of room to accommodate adding a MIP inside, Building is set up as 3 distinct addresses, Suite 100 is a retail marijuana store, Suite 200 was a massage therapy treatment room, now utilized as a break room/office. Suite 300 Retail space approx. 500 sf. There are a lot of possibilities with this property. This is the oldest, most respected Retail Marijuana Store in the Walsenburg area. Our customer base stretches the nation, with regulars all along the east coast. With regard to new states legalizing marijuana sales, our neighboring states- New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma specifically, we have had an increase in sales from these states, they simply do not have the vast product availability we enjoy here in Colorado. The Colorado Cannabis Industry has the most viable and diverse products in the nation, which will continue to be in high demand and a draw for out-of-staters, simply because the laws in other legalized states have yet to be written, allowing for equal products to be created there.

Lease: Lease term 5 years, $2,500 per month.

Retail Marijuana Store Assets:

  • Front desk area: 1 desktop computer, 1 card scanner, all in one workstation printer
  • Point of Sale desk: 1 desktop computer, 1 receipt printer, 1 label printer, 1 bar code scanner
  • 1 product refrigerator
  • 3 non-refrigerated display cabinets
  • 40 inch TV and 4 leather love seats
  • Break room: Storage shelves, refrigerator, desktop computer, printer
  • Security vault/room for secure product storage
  • Extensive security system, including cameras, motion detectors, panic alarm buttons, and remote entry button’s and magnetic locks at the front door, and entry to the sales floor


Gross Sales:

  • 2016- $988,751
  • 2017- $1,152,393
  • 2018- $833,977 (Spring Fire, 2 new RMS, 1 new MMC)
  • 2019 to date $310,253 (currently have 4 RMS, 1 MMC)

Owner’s salary: 2016-$42,200, 2017- $80400, 2018- $78,400

Operating expenses: 2016- $265,748, 2017-$308,929, 2018- $310,257

Owners Discretionary Income: 2016- $214,215, 2017-$340,001, 2018- $170,132

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