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Business Listing # 22-23

Type of License: Medical Marijuana Dispensary (MMC) and a Optional Premises Cultivation (OPC), Tier 3


Price: $650,000.00, Licenses may not be split.



Monthly Rent: $10,000

Term: 60 months

Landlord Friendly: Yes


Plants: (OPC)

Average Flower Plants on Premises: 600

Average Veg Plants on Premises: 300

Average Clones on Premises: 300

Weight produced per month: 87.5 Ibs



Square Footage of Store: 250 sq., ft

Square Footage of Grow: 8,700 sq., ft

Celling height of each location: 18 ft


Electrical and HVAC Systems:

Electrical: Adequate power, 3 phase.

HVAC: 2018, 30-ton and a 2014 20-ton, and one mini-split for the Cure Room.


Lighting: 4 flower rooms, with Gavita Controller and 25 Gavita DE’s. Veg room has 35 Metal Ceramic Highlides.


Employees: 6 employees, 2 managers

Desiring to stay: Yes. Employees wish to stay on and are capable of operating business with current staff/overhead.


Additional Information:  Dispensary and Grow are in the same building. Which allows for Employees and Expenses to be separated to avoid such a large Tax obligation with regards to the 280E Tax Codes.

Facility has radiant headed floors. All branding and marketing are already complete. Turn-key facility, fully operating and self-sufficient.


Asset List:

  • 100 – DE Gavitas
  • 30-ton and 20-ton AC unit
  • 22 – Dosatrons
  • Custom Display Cases
  • All dry harvested products
  • Social Media/website
  • 6 – Gavitia Controllers
  • 6- Quest dehumidifiers
  • 5 – automated irrigation controllers
  • All SOPs and marketing material
  • All custom/branded packaging
  • 4 – chest freezer

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