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Business Listing # 22-20

Business Listing # 22-20

Type of License: Optional Premises Cultivation, (OPC) Tier 3, and Medical Marijuana Store (MMC).

Located in Central Colorado Springs!


Price: $1,750,000



OPC: Tier 3, with the capacity to hold up to 3,000 plants.



Average Flower Plants on Premises: 2,250

Average Veg Plants on Premises: 750

Average Clones on Premises: 300-400

Weight produced per week: 30-50 lbs



Square footage of Store:

Square footage of Grow:

Ceiling height: 9 ft, for both the MMC and OPC.

Electrical: 1,200 AMP and 277 Volt.

HVAC: Rooftop units and mini splits per room.


Employees: 3 employees and 1 manager, who desire to stay on board.


Additional Information: Perpetual harvest weekly with space to operate Medical and Recreational dispensary, once Recreational has passed.

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