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Business Listing #22-18

Type of License: Medical Marijuana Store (MMC)

Located near Downtown, Colorado Springs!

One of Colorado Springs most profitable medical marijuana stores in Colorado Springs.

Sales expected to increase significantly if recreational passes on the ballot.


Looking for a successful Medical Marijuana Store located in the heart of bustling Colorado Springs? Look no further, this is the Store for you!


Price: $5 million for business only

+ $1.8 million for the property, includes 2 lots.


Lease: Seller also owns the property.  Lease terms negotiable.



2020: $2,064,630

2021: $2,572,237

2022: (YTD through June) $930,297



2020: Gross Profit $774,667, Net Income $590,223

2021: Gross Profit $1,199,554, Net Income $1,180,186

2022: (Through June) Gross Profit $332,774, Net Income $274,401


Employees: 2 employees, 1 manager, who are desiring to stay on.


Financing: Seller would be open to Owner-Carry financing with substantial amount down.


Specifications: At this location, there are always approximately 40 different types of Marijuana Strains available.


Layout: Facility is 1,200 sq.ft. with room for expansion.


Expansion:  A modification of premises has been submitted and approved for interior expansion to add two more points of sale. This could potentially up the average to 80 strains at all times. If Recreational Marijuana gets approved, expansion can be added to include a retail medical marijuana store on the lower floor of the building, next door.


Additional Information: Located in Downtown Colorado Springs, and in one of the best locations, with constant high volumes of traffic, great parking, and easily accessible from the highway.  On average 7,500+ cars drive by this location daily. One of Colorado Springs most renowned Medical Marijuana Stores.

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