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Business Listing # 22-08

Type of License: Retail Marijuana Cultivation – Tier 1 – 1,800 Plants

Price: $3,150,000.00

Lease:   Property Owned

Plants: Average Flower Plants on Premises: 350

Average Veg Plants on Premises: 900

Average Clones on Premises: 600

Weight produced per year: 500 minimum

Layout: 2,500 sq ft building, 5,500 sq ft hybrid two-bay greenhouse

Expansion: Inside perimeter of compound has space and underground expansion utilities ready for at least two more greenhouses.

Electrical and HVAC:

Electrical; New three phase electrical power supply to entire property.

HVAC; Modine propane heat units for greenhouses and building. Two-zone MiniSplit A/C-heat pump for dry room/curing and storage in building.

Lighting: T5 full spectrum grow lighting for clone area and veg racks. High pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights for building veg and greenhouses. 

Additional Information: Location is in a beautiful area with limited competition locally due to few issued licenses. 106 total acres on property, commercial grow taking up 23 approximate acres including commercial and backup well. The remaining land is agricultural irrigated hay-producing with 76 water shares with the Pine River Canal. Local farms and ranches have leased property for grazing or hay. Greenhouse built with the state-of-the-art environmental controls and security monitoring both are remotely accessible. Currently, there is an infrastructure in place for expansion within commercial boundaries for more buildings or greenhouses.

Asset List:

  • Two-bay Grow Span S2000 Greenhouse with complete climate control
  • 2,500 sq ft work building with a drying room, storage, office, and all facilities
  • Two steel mobile storage containers
  • Commercial waste shredder
  • HPS and T5 lighting fixtures for seeds, and clone-to-harvest needs
  • 8,000 gallon in-ground water tank
  • 27’ travel trailer with complete hookups for on-site accommodations

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