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Business Listing # 22-08

Type of License: Retail Marijuana Cultivation – Tier 1 – 1,800 Plants

Price:   $1,450,000.00


Lease: Property Owned

Plants: Average Flower Plants on Premises: 350

Average Veg Plants on Premises: 900

Average Clones on Premises: 600

Weight produced per year: 500 minimum


Layout: 2,500 sq ft building, 5,500 sq ft hybrid two-bay greenhouse


Expansion: Inside perimeter of compound has space and underground expansion utilities ready for at least two more greenhouses.

Electrical and HVAC:

Electrical; New three phase electrical power supply to entire property.

HVAC; Modine propane heat units for greenhouses and building. Two-zone MiniSplit A/C-heat pump for dry room/curing and storage in building.


Lighting: T5 full spectrum grow lighting for clone area and veg racks. High pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights for building veg and greenhouses.


Additional Information: Location is in a beautiful area with limited competition locally due to few issued licenses. 37.7 total acres on property, commercial grow taking up 9 approximate acres including commercial and backup well. Greenhouse built with state-of-the-art environmental controls and security monitoring both are remotely accessible. Currently, there is infrastructure in place for expansion within commercial boundaries for more buildings or greenhouses.

Asset List:

  • Two-bay Grow Span S2000 Greenhouse with complete climate control
  • 2,500 sq ft work building with a drying room, storage, office, and all facilities
  • Two steel mobile storage containers
  • Commercial waste shredder
  • HPS and T5 lighting fixtures for seeds, and clone-to-harvest needs
  • 8,000 gallon in-ground water tank
  • 27’ travel trailer with complete hookups for on-site accommodations

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