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Business Listing # 22-07

Type of Licenses: Six licenses in total; 2 Medical Marijuana Stores, 3 Cultivations and a Marijuana Infused Product (MIP) license.

The MIP offers a separate leased location with commercial kitchen equipment where the products are currently produced for wholesale and retail.

Price: $1,900,000 real estate is included.

Financing: Seller would consider Secured Owner Carry on the building with cash purchase on license.

Totaled Specifications: Total Plant Count: 200

Current totaled plants allowed to grow: 2,000

Total Rent: $8,700 monthly

Total Grow Layout: 8,800 sq ft.

Licenses:  All licenses are in good standing. Currently, the licenses are Medical only, but can be open to recreational if the local County allows recreational marijuana for all license types.

Additional Information: Operations manager would be willing to stay with the company to fully train new staff on procedures and regulatory insights for a negotiated and agreed upon commitment time and salary.

Premises #1 Medical Marijuana Store

Lease: $2,900.00 per month, term expires in 2 years.

Monthly Utilities: $400.00

Layout: 800 sq. ft.


  • 2019: $389,910.76
  • 2020: $329,650.66
  • 2021: $245,833.65

Additional Information: Great location with high traffic visibility, great location to take advantage of coming recreational sales, if the local County permits.

Asset List:

  • 2-POS systems
  • 1 – Large Stainless steel product cooler
  • 1 – Sliding Freezer
  • Product Display Cabinets

Premises #2, Medical Marijuana Store, and Medical Marijuana Cultivation

Medical Marijuana Store

Layout: 600 sq. ft. (Storefront)


  • 2019: $104,011.78
  • 2020: $165,625.71
  • 2021: $110,792.09

Additional Information: Spectacular view of Pikes Peak, Newly Opened Store, 2018.

Asset List:

  • 1 – POS System
  • 1 – Larger Cooler

Medical Marijuana Cultivation

Monthly Unities: $4,200.00

Layout: 6,000 sq. ft.

Lighting: Seventy 1,000-watt 12 t5 Fluorescents

Production: 850 pounds per year with 100 lights – $765,000 annually.

Additional Information: A new flower room was added in 2021 with 35 additional flowering lights at 1,000- watt, and new AC.

This premises are owned by the Seller’s associates’ and has an estimated property value of $990,000.

Premises #3, Medical Marijuana Cultivation

Lease: $1,250.00 per month, term expires in 3 years.

Monthly Utilities: $1,300.00

Layout: 1,600 sq. ft.

Production: 385 pounds (medical), $346,500 annually.

Assets List:

  • 45 – 1,000-watt Flower Lights
  • 10 -T5 Fluorescents

Premises #4, Marijuana Infused Products (MIP)

Monthly Unities: $400.00

Additional Information: 70 active accounts, with a huge distribution list. All products transferred to attached MMC’s, sell roughly 4-7K. Has a complete CRM program data information on all dispensaries, purchasing manager information, and email complete with mass email and social media capabilities.

Asset List:

  • 2-Commerical Ovens
  • 2 – 5-Gallon Hobart Mixer
  • 2-Coolers
  • 2-Freezers
  • Ice machine
  • Bubble Hash Extractor
  • Canon Commercial Copier


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