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Business Listing #21-9

Business Listing #21-9

Medical Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturer Business $250,000.00 OBO,  or License only $50,000.00

  • 2018 sales: $345,579
  • 2019 sales: $276,502
  • 2020 sales: $248,877

Employees:  1 part-time Compliance Officer

Lease: $3,000 per month, expires November 30th, 2021

Info on the Business: Established, turn-key MIPS operation in Colorado Springs that has a good reputation since 2013. No infractions on license. Have been working with a compliance officer to ensure everything is ready to turnover. Currently has 13+ reoccurring customers including some very hard to get. The owner has been running the company essentially solo since 2019. With employees and quality management, this company could triple or quadruple sales with current equipment. Seller is highly motivated to sell – License must be moved by November 30th!

Assets include:

  1. MIP License (Active)
  2. Product Inventory
  3. Explosion Proof Fire Box
  4. Class 1 Div 2 Freezer
  5. Stainless Steel Tables
  6. Uline Storage Units
  7. Laser Printers
  8. Tincture Filling Machine
  9. DVR Security System
  10. Short-path Distillation Unit
  11. Eden Labs Extractor Unit 5L
  12. Eden Labs Extractor Unit 20L
  13. VWR Vacuum Pumps
  14. 22L Winterizer/Distillation Unit
  15. Various Glassware (Lab)
  16. Various Grow Equipment/Supplies
  17. Various Office Equipment/Supplies
  18. Sanctuary Safe
  19. Current Packaging Inventory

A/C Units:

  1. Lab #1 Inside/Outside
  2. Lab #2 Inside/Outside
  3. Grow #1 (A/C) Inside/Outside
  4. Grow #2 Inside/Outside
  5. Packaging #1 Inside/Outside
  6. Packaging #2 Inside/Outside

Facility: The building is 2,700 sq ft. There is a large extraction and refinement room, Break Room, Office/Storage, Packaging Room, and another storage/biomass prep room.  All rooms have plenty of electricity and can be repurposed for your specific needs.

Current Employees: Current owner would provide training, if needed, to make sure new owners are comfortable with taking over the business as well as running and maintaining equipment. Compliance officer is available to continue working if requested.

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