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Business Listing #21-5

Business Listing #21-5

Are you in need of a Medical Marijuana Center & Medical Marijuana Cultivation License?

If you’re interested in obtaining a store and grow license to expand into the Colorado Springs market or to start a new business in our ever-growing industry, Medical Marijuana Center and Cultivation Licenses for sale.

The price for the store and grow is $600,000 for a fully turnkey operation. For just the store license the price is $500,000. The buyer offers a 2–3-year termed lease at $5,000 a month or purchase the building for $695,000. Purchase of only the licenses will mean you must move to a new location. The grow licenses will not be sold separately.

In addition to the licenses, the building for these licenses is for sale at $695,000. The building is located in a high traffic, High-tourist area and could potentially be sold for Store Front and Grow. The Storefront just recently had construction completed, it is 1,200 sq. ft, and has been remodeled with a modern style. In addition to the storefront, there is a 3,000sq. ft. Greenhouse, continue to grow onsite! Lower utilities compared to an indoor grow, still includes 400 amps for expansion and already installed supplemental lighting.

If you’re interested in purchasing both the licenses and building, you could continue to operate without having to do a buildout!

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