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Business Listing #21-3

Price: $300,000



Medical Marijuana Center (MMC) and Optional Premise Cultivation (OPC) Tier 3, opened in 2010


License Renewal Dates: November 29th



Tier 3 Plant Count

Allowable plant count: 1500



2019 Sales – $815,000

2020 Sales – $970,000

2021 Sales – $785,000

2022 Sales – $515,000



Monthly Rent: 8,800

Landlord Friendly: Yes

Management Company is looking to sign long-term lease with new owners.


Layout: Turnkey operation includes 6,500 sq. ft. grow attached internally with Center, Trim Area, Storage, 4 bathrooms, and patient area.


Electrical and Lighting: Three phases electrical with 94 Duel Ended, 55 LEC, 9 SE and 24 LED lighting systems throughout the facility. Grow is divided into multiple rooms, controlled by Siemens Automation Systems.


Additional Information: Sale includes everything used in operations; Tradename, LLC, 3 Computers, 2 printers, 3 safes, 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer, scanners, 40+ camera security system with DVRS, motion sensors, glass break and panic buttons, remote viewing and alarm, extra tables, dehumidifiers, nutrients, hoods, fans, ballasts, and all finished product to include concentrate processing and live plants and wholesale purchase.

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