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Business Listing #21-2

One of the premier feminized hemp seed companies in the US. Owner turned 65 and wants to retire.

Sales Price: $950,000

Sales and Revenue: $1.5M total sales since January 2019. $ 500,000 sales website shopping cart, $1M direct bulk sales. Sales consist of 3 feminized hemp seed strains, including 2 exclusive proprietary strains that have performed at high levels throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central, and South America. We have customers all over the world from Saudi Arabia to Brazil.


Grow Facility: 80 double-ended light grow in 4 flower rooms, a male/pollen room, and a veg room. $4,500 per month rent including NNN for 3,600 sf facility.

Feminized Seed Production: F1 mothers of our two proprietary hemp strains as well as feminized seed production in our grow rooms.

Royalty Contracts: 1 tissue culture joint venture and 3 clones/seedling joint ventures.

SOP’s: Fully documented growing, harvesting, packaging procedures for all aspects of the business.

Website: Top five hemp seed websites worldwide ranking by Google. Highly informative website on hemp growing and harvesting with tons of traffic. Top ranking for the hemp seed business keywords.

Social Media: Presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well as podcasts. Constant posting to platforms. Three podcasts and one YouTube video.

CRM: Keap contact management system with over 5,000 customers and prospects in the database. Monthly touch campaigns and newsletters.

Seed Inventory: Approximately 4M seeds currently in inventory. At $.50 per seed, we value it at over $2M.

Smokeable Hemp Inventory: Approximately 2,000 pounds of finished machined trimmed hemp flower from November 2020 harvest packaged in 5-pound mylar bags. At $150 per pound, we value it at $300,000.

Additional Grow Equipment: We had a second grow that we shut down so we have one-year-old complete grow setups with about 30 double-ended lights and everything that goes with it.

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