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Business Listing #21-18

Type of License: 3 Medical Marijuana Cultivation Locations (MMCL), and 2 Medical Marijuana Stores (MMS)

Price: $3.7 Million

(Prefer to sell as one asset sale but, would consider selling off one MMC license. Landlord will consider selling property. Proof of funds and signed NDA are required.)

Revenues:  2021 – January – October: 3.2 million.

November 2020 – October 2021(trailing 12 months): 3.5 million

Financing Options: Owner carry 25% if secured by real estate or other assets. With the right buyer, seller may consider keeping some equity.

Lease:   Monthly Rent:  $40,000.00 per month for all 6 premises.

Term: Generally, 2-3 years with optional for renewal

Landlord Friendly: Yes


MMCL 1    Class 2     1,500 plants

MMCL 2    Class2     1,500 plants

MMCL 3    Class 3     3,000 plants

MMS 1   Patient Count 125

MMS 2   Patient Count 146

1  MIP license only

Plants: Average Flower plants: 1,800

Average VEG Plants: 1,954

Average Clones: 1,100

Weight produced per month: 200 lbs.


Square Footage of Store: Two MMC’s 4,000 sq. ft combined (estimated)

Square footage of Grow Cultivations: 26,000 sq. ft

Electrical and HVAC:

Electrical: Supports Current Plant Count. May need to increase electrical and lights for more plants.

HVAC: Roughly 12 A/C’s spreads throughout the facilities. 9 units added/ replaced in the last 18 months.  

Lighting Systems for Grow:

Gavitas – 270

1000 Watt – 90

T5’s – 75

Digital Ballast – 125


Number of Employees: 33, Employees are desiring to stay.

            Number of Managers: 3


The property where all grows are located have some available space for expansion.

Additional Information:

Co2 in grows, separate 1,600 sq. ft breakroom, updated cure/trim areas, reverse osmosis treated water.

Asset List:

  • All equipment
  • Supplies
  • Purchased Inventory
  • Plants
  • HVAC equipment
  • Lights
  • Tools
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Tables
  • Curing Flower
  • Finished Flower
  • Reservoirs
  • Nutrients
  • Soil
  • Computers
  • Printers

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