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Business Listing #21-17

This business listing is from Colorado Springs and consists of four licenses in three locations.  Location 1 has Medical Marijuana store; location 2 has a Medical Marijuana Cultivation facility, and location 3 has a Medical Marijuana Cultivation facility & a Medical Marijuana Product Manufacturing facility.  The list price for all licenses and assets is $2,700,000, or the Owner would consider selling the assets and licenses at location 2 separately for $350,000.


2019: $183,442.47

2020: $504,064.40

2021, ytd: $188,996.65 (Jan-Aug)

Employees: This business has 4 Employees and 2 Managers who desire to stay on.

Location 1 Medical Marijuana Store:


  • Computer
  • O.S. system
  • Flo-hub (point of sales system)
  • Sales Counter
  • Display cases
  • Carpets
  • 2 Sofas
  • Cash Machine
  • 4 Refrigerators
  • 1 roll front chiller (display case)
  • 5 TV’s
  • 1 Electronic Message
  • Inventory = Edibles, drinks, concentrates
  • Alarm System
  • Camera System
  • Office equipment
  • Filing cabinet
  • Desk
  • Safe


Term: 5-year term, with 2 years left on the lease.

Rent: $2,300.00 per month

Premises:  1,215 sq. ft.

Location 2 Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility: This location is currently being built out.  Permits and drawings have been obtained for HVAC and electrical upgrades.


Term: 5-year lease

Rent: $3,600.00 per month

Electrical System: Have 1200 AMP Siemens with 6 supply panels.

HVAC System: 40 ton, new to install.

Assets:  The owner has the following assets in storage, although not included in the price, the Owner is willing to accept reasonable offers with the purchase of the license.

  • 120/208v step-down transformer to accommodate the system to help with a lower voltage current.
  • Feeder cables that run the city power from the transformer to the MDP.
  • Components to pipe all 4/0 feeder cables from the MDP to supply panels.
  • Breaker/buckets that feed power from the MDP to supply panels.
  • ½’ and ¾” conduit with the 12/2 and 12/3 wiring to run to all the 4/0 boxes.
  • 8 American standard 5-ton A/C units with both condensers and fan units.

Location 3 Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility and Medical Marijuana Product Manufacturing: This is a Class 1 cultivation license and allowed to grow up to 500 plants. Average annual production: 650-500 pounds annually, the facility extracts for approximately 12-15 third-party marijuana establishments.


  • 2 levels of rack system that cover approximately 800 sq. ft. of floor space.
  • 1200 amp Siemens electrical panelboard build-out with MDP and 6 supply panels.
  • C1D1 Extracting room with chemical fire suppression system, rooftop HVAC unit, and an explosion-proof fan for air exhaust.
  • MIP license has 4-AL-1.9 CR vac ovens
  • Mini MIP Hydrocarbon extraction system with a new, MVP 150 recovery pump.
  • 5L rotary evaporator, 21L distillation, and a 2L distillation set up for MIP processing

Lighting and HVAC: New American Standard 30-ton A/C unit for grow area. Work, packaging, cloning, and office area has 5-ton A/C unit. New hydroponic growing system of 128 pods. Grow area has a 100-watt Gavita LED lighting with programable controller.


Term: 1 year

Rent: $5,600 per month


Square footage of grow: 5,808; Square footage used for the marijuana extraction and processing area is 1,438

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