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Business Listing #21-17

Business Listing #21-17

License: Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility.

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Asking Price: $150,000



Term: 5-year lease

Rent: $3,600.00 per month (possibility of negotiation with the Landlord).


Premises: Cultivation Facility is 5,000 sq. ft.


Electrical System: Have 1200 AMP siemens with 6 supply panels.

HVAC System: 40 ton, new to install.

This location is currently being built out.  Permits and drawings have been obtained for HVAC and Electrical upgrades.


Asset List:  The owner has the following assets in storage, although not included in the price, Owner is willing to accept reasonable offers with the purchase of the license.

  • 120/208v step down transformer to accommodate the system to help with a lower voltage current.
  • Feeder cables that run the city power from the transformer to the MDP.
  • Components to pipe all 4/0 feeder cables from the MDP to supply panels.
  • Breaker/buckets that feed power from the MDP to supply panels.
  • ½’ and ¾” conduit with the 12/2 and 12/3 wiring to run to all the 4/0 boxes.
  • 8 American standard 5-ton A/C units with both condensers and fan units.


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