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Business Listing #20-9

OPC Available in Colorado Springs
Price: $450,000

Real Estate

2 units of roughly 1,300 sq ft. each (total 2,600)

Favorable rent terms (Sellers own the strip mall)

Can be moved or remain as it has a unique City location.


Vegetative                                                                                          Flower                    

16 veg lights- 8 Gavita double-ended                                                 32 flower lights
8 single-ended HID lights                                                                     16 4X8 tables in flower on rollers with trellis framing
8 4×8 trays on rollers                                                                             All lights are double-ended Gavitas
1 commercial humidifier                                                                       1 commercial humidifier
1 Qwest 155 de-humidifier                                                                    1 Qwest 506 de-humidifier
IPonics Environmental control                                                           IPonics environmental controls


Class 1 Grow License (500 Plants)

CO2 – 1000 lb. tank

Air conditioner – 2- 5-ton units and 1- 3-ton unit – and a filtered make up air system.

12 – 55 water drums, and water filtration system

Newly upgraded color cameras

Sellers are willing to upgrade power for future renovations.  Ample space for plant expansion with a power upgrade and additional AC.

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