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Business Listing # 20-3

10,000 Square Foot Greenhouse, New.  (Approximate Square footage).

Price $199,500. Retail price in the USA of $350,000.

Seller currently has the greenhouse in storage, and it has never been used. It constructs to a total of 10,000 ft. and includes all the bells and whistles including:

  • a wet wall.
  • Automated separate shade and blackout screens.
  • a complete control panel for roof vents, humidity control, etc.
  • it is engineered to withstand Colorado wind load (120 mph) and snow load (30 lbs/sqft) regulations.
  • has state of the art 16 MM poly panels for the exterior made by Bayer, a company out of Germany. This material is great at light diffusion, which is the most important part of a greenhouse.

The greenhouse was purchased from a very reputable company from China last year with the help of a relative who lives there. The seller has other grow operations and does not currently have the time to construct and operate the grow.   The best part is that it’s already in Colorado and ready to go. US companies are months out on new orders (if you can even get anyone to pick up the phone). It took me six months to get it here so that barrier is eliminated as well.

Below are pictures of the greenhouse in storage and an example of a completed one.

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