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Marijuana Businesses for Sale

Below is a list of marijuana businesses/licenses for sale and a 10,000 sq. ft Greenhouse.  They are located in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Denver Metro Area, Walsenburg, and Crested Butte locations.  My portfolio consists of multiple Medical Marijuana Centers (MMC), Optional Premise Cultivations (OPC), and a few Marijuana Infused Product Manufactures (MIP) in Colorado Springs, El Paso County and Pueblo County, and a Recreational Marijuana Store (RMS) in Walsenburg.  The prices range from $400,000 to $2,500,000 for the businesses, $260,000 for the Greenhouse.

The information contained in these listings may consist of any combination of figures from a certain point and time, approximations or estimates. Any interested party should verify the information contained herein.

Business Listing # 18-4

Price:  $1,200,000 (Building available for purchase from Landlord $675,000)

2018 (through November) Gross Revenue $1,454,000 with a net of $248,000.

Two Family members pulled approximately $180,000 in salaries, Combine salaries and net you get a 19.8% profit margin.  2016 had similar numbers

This is one of the oldest and most respected medical marijuana businesses in the Colorado Springs area.  Extensive remodel in 2010, high-end finishes make this dispensary one of the nicest in the area.  Financials, pictures, and additional details available to qualified buyers.


Medical Marijuana Center (MMC)
Optional Premise Cultivation (OPC)

Patient Count:  295 Patients

Plants:  Flowering:  350 (approximate), Veg:  700 (Approximate)

Grow assets:

  1. 53 X 1000 watt Gavita light fixtures for flowering
  2. 12 X 1000 watt HPS lights for vegetative (veg) phase
  3. 8 X 360 watt T5 fixtures in veg
  4. 4 X 315 watt LEC fixtures in veg
  5. CO2 gas delivery system with all fire department-mandated controls
  6. Reverse Osmosis System, Growonix GX Series with 2 X 300 gallon holding tanks
  7. 32 ½ tons of cooling capacity
  8. Cameras and motion detectors covering every room

Medical Marijuana Center Assets.

  1. Front desk area: 2 desktop computers, 2 card scanners, printer
  2. Point of Sale desk: 2 touch screen monitors, 2 label printers, 2 bar code scanners
  3. 4 product refrigerators
  4. 3 non-refrigerated display cabinets
  5. 50 inch TV and sectional sofa
  6. Break room: Storage shelves, refrigerator, camera monitors, computer
  7. Secure closet with floor-mounted job boxes to secure products
  8. Extensive security system, including cameras, motion detectors, panic alarm buttons, and remote entry button at front door.

Business Listing #18-7.

Price: $900,000 Without the MMC Real Estate or $1,400,000 With the MMC Real Estate


*Medical Marijuana Center (MMC)/Optional Premise Cultivation
*MIPS /  Optional Premise Cultivation

Renewal Dates:

MMC/OPC June 2018
MIPS/OPC Feb 2019


Patient Count: 44
Allowable plant count: 589
The average number of plants: 300
MIPS: 500 Plant Count

Financials:  Gross sales 2017 $345,218 Business expenses $293,777
($50,000 Payroll for Owners Spouse, Master Grower)

Layout:  MMC: Over 2800sf Grow facility. 1200sf Store Front.
MIPS: Approximately 2000sf of Grow and 500sf of Extraction Space
Extractions Room, Veg Room, Flower Room

Electrical:  Upgraded service to both buildings.

Employees:  2 Employees for MMC, 6 Employees for Grow, 1 Employee for MIPS

Lease:    *MMC/OPC Lease $5000 per month 5-year lease.
*MIPS/OPC facility is leased. Renewal in October 2018. $2500 5 year lease.

No utilities are included.

MMC Building: If Included in the sales price. Approximate 2800sf grow facility and 1200sf storefront in a great location. Open Floorplan to create an inviting medical marijuana environment for patients. It also helps patients feel comfortable shopping and discussing medical conditions which creates more sales!

Expansion:  The Land behind the MMC could be used to expand the Grow or create a drive-thru if approved with the state and city. There are plenty of opportunities to grow this business into an empire.

Owner Carry:  Owner Carry with $400,000 down.

Business Listing # 18-13a – Pending Purchase Agreement

Dispensary listing- 19-3
Price: $1,490,000

License: Retail Marijuana Store, located in a town in Huerfano County
Renewal: June 9, 2020

Layout: Approximately 1472 sf building with plenty of room to accommodate adding a MIP inside, Building is set up as 3 distinct addresses, Suite 100 is a retail marijuana store, Suite 200 was a massage therapy treatment room, now utilized as a break room/office. Suite 300 Retail space approx. 500 sf. There are a lot of possibilities with this property. This is the oldest, most respected Retail Marijuana Stores in the Walsenburg area. Our customer base stretches the nation, with regulars all along the east coast. With regard to new states legalizing marijuana sales, our neighboring states- New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma specifically, we have had an increase in sales from these states, they simply do not have the vast product availability we enjoy here in Colorado. The Colorado Cannabis Industry has the most viable and diverse products in the nation, which will continue to be in high demand and a draw for out-of-staters, simply because the laws in other legalized states have yet to be written, allowing for equal products to be created there.

Lease: Lease term 5 years, $2,500 per month.

Retail Marijuana Store Assets:
Front desk area: 1 desktop computer, 1 card scanners, all in one work station printer
Point of Sale desk: 1 desktop computer, 1 receipt printer, 1 label printers, 1 bar code scanners
1 product refrigerator
3 non-refrigerated display cabinets
40 inch TV and 4 leather love seats
Break room: Storage shelves, refrigerator, desktop computer, printer
Security vault/room for secure product storage
Extensive security system, including cameras, motion detectors, panic alarm buttons, and remote entry button’s and magnetic locks at the front door, and entry to the sales floor

Gross Sales:
2016- $988,751
2017- $1,152,393
2018- $833,977 (Spring Fire, 2 new RMS, 1 new MMC)
2019 to date $310,253 (currently have 4 RMS, 1 MMC)

Owner’s salary: 2016-$42,200, 2017- $80400, 2018- $78,400

Operating expenses: 2016- $265,748, 2017-$308,929, 2018- $310,257

Owners Discretionary Income: 2016- $214,215, 2017-$340,001, 2018- $170,132

Business Listing: 19-6  – No Longer Available

Business Listing MIP 19-7

Marijuana-Infused Producer business $400,000 or Price with building: $800,000

  • 2018 sales: $157,630
  • 2019 sales (Jan – Sep): $161,885

Employees: 2 full-time, 1 part-time • Lease: 5 yr. terms, $1,800 per month • Room for expansion into 2nd unit • Owner carry options available

This is a great, established, turn-key MIPS operation. There are customers in place with repeat business. It currently processes for 7 different dispensaries. The company has won awards in the industry for their excellent product.  All equipment necessary to carry on this business is included, including an extraction machine and vacuum ovens. The extraction machine is an ETS 1300 with a vacuum pump, compressor and water heater. The business includes 2 vacuum ovens, ice maker, refrigerator, freezer, working tables, misc. shelves and racks, 2 baking racks with trays, stainless steel trays for vacuum ovens, all office chairs, office desks, office supplies, packaging supplies, printer/copier, Pyrex dishes and plastic tubs, and all operating gas tanks for everyday operations. Business can easily be grown and expanded in the same building and machines can easily be added to in order to produce different products and more volume. The entire building is 3600 square feet and already has a tenant in place for the other part of the building. The extraction business is 1100 sq. feet.  Current owners would provide training, if needed, for an agreed amount of time and assistance in making sure new owners are comfortable with taking over the business.  Lease:  Seller is building owner, flexible lease terms.

Business Listing 20-1

The information contained in this listing may consist of any combination of figures from a certain point in time, approximations or estimates.  Any interested party should verify the information contained herein

Price 2,500,000

Licenses Include

  • 2 Medical Marijuana Centers, one in the Denver Metro Area, one in Colorado Springs
  • 2 Optional Premises Cultivations (Medical Grows), both co-located in the Denver Metro Area

Denver Metro Area Medical Marijuana Center

  • POS Systems
  • Surveillance System
  • Display Cases & Inventory
  • Current Patient Count: 125


  • 2017 Sales: $509,582
  • 2018 Sales: $435,405
  • 2019 Sales : $603,730

Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana Center

  • POS Systems
  • Surveillance System
  • Display Cases & Inventory
  • Current Patient Count: 160


  • 2017 Sales: $1,082,072
  • 2018 Sales: $728,172
  • 2019 Sales: $808,150

Denver 2 Optional Premises Cultivations (Medical Grows)

    • Tier 2 Licenses, both are Recreational Convertible & freestanding (1 can move anywhere without affecting current operations)
    • Current Plant Count Totals:
      • Flowering: 833
      • Veg: 1200
      • Clones: 7222, 500 total sq feet, brand new upgraded Electrical service with 1200amps
    • Removable Assets:
      • Scissor Lift
      • Push Behind Mini-Mag Floor Scrubber
      • Trim Machine
      • 10 Ton Portable AC Unit x 4
      • Large Dehumidifiers x 3
      • Layout Complete with reverse osmosis watering stations, wash station, trim station, dry/cure room, storage room and weigh/metrc/office area
    • Surveillance System, including 24 Cameras, 2 DVRs, motion sensors, etc
    • Double Ended Flower Lights: 141
    • 315 Veg Lights: 26
    • 1000 watt Veg Lights: 21
    • T5 Veg Lights: 22
    • Double-Ended Mom Veg Lights: 9
    • Current Output : 100lbs monthly
    • 25% of OPC Space still available for expansion with simple

Business Listing 20-2

Price $350,000

Proof of funds and NDA Required* 

Crested Butte
Licenses include:

      • Recreational Marijuana Cultivation (Allowed Plant Count);
      • Recreational Marijuana-Infused License.

Includes all grow equipment, business assets, and licenses.

Grow Operation: 3,100 sq/ft leased facility. Lease rate per month: $4,000 + NNN, through 9/30/2020

Lighting: 20- 1000 watt lights, 32-315 watt lights.

All other assets included with this purchase are available upon request.


Business Listing 20-3

10,000 Square Foot Greenhouse, New.  (Approximate Square footage).

Price $260,000. Retail price in the USA of $350,000.

Seller currently has the greenhouse in storage, and it has never been used. It constructs to a total of 10,000 ft.² and includes all the bells and whistles including:

  • a wet wall.
  • Automated separate shade and blackout screens.
  • a complete control panel for roof vents, humidity control, etc.
  • it is engineered to withstand Colorado wind load (120 mph) and snow load (30 pnd/sqft) regulations.
  • has state of the art 16 MM poly panels for the exterior made by Bayer, a company out of Germany. This material is great at light diffusion, which is the most important part of a greenhouse.

The greenhouse was purchased from a very reputable company from China last year with the help of a relative who lives there. The seller has other grow operations and does not currently have the time to construct and operate the grow.   The best part is that it’s already in Colorado and ready to go. US companies are months out on new orders (if you can even get anyone to pick up the phone). It took me six months to get it here so that barrier is eliminated as well.

Below are pictures of the greenhouse in storage and an example of a completed one.

Business Listing 20-3 Unassembled Greenhouse in storage                                    Business Listing 20-3 Unassembled Greenhouse in storage                                 

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