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Marijuana Businesses for Sale

Below is a list of marijuana businesses or licenses for sale, a state-of-the-art extraction lab, a hemp business, and one-acre lots already approved for marijuana grows.

These listings for marijuana businesses or licenses are located in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and Walsenburg. The listings for the CBD Lab and Hemp business can also be found on this page.

The portfolio consists of Medical Marijuana Centers (MMC), Optional Premise Cultivations (OPC), and Marijuana-Infused Product Manufactures (MIP) in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and Pueblo County, and a Recreational Marijuana Store (RMS) in Walsenburg.

Prices range from $300,000 to $18,060,000.

The information contained in these listings may consist of any combination of figures from a certain point and time, approximations, or estimates. Any interested party should verify the information contained herein.

Marijuana Businesses & Licenses for Sale

Business Listing # 21-14

A fully equipped turnkey medical and recreational cannabis business operation right at your fingertips…

If you’re interested in getting your toe wet in the recreational and medical marijuana business, you may be interested in this location. The listing includes a recreational and medical marijuana center license, gigantic facilities which includes a Nexus Green House and 5 acres for expansion, a residential house on property, thousands of medical and recreational plants, an fully-trained staff, and a number of assets needed to run the business. To learn more about this turnkey operation, click the link above.

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Business Listing # 21-13

The largest dispensary in Summit County is waiting for you.

A Level 1 Medical Marijuana Center License is for sale with the option to purchase the entire facility if you’re interested. The dispensary is considered to be one of the biggest and most thriving cannabis facilities in the area. The dispensary is located on an acre of land overlooking a highway where 12,000,000 vehicles pass through every year. Plus all the assets and staff are included with the listing if you’re interested. Learn more about this incredible offer by clicking the link above.

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Business Listing # 21-12

Ready to get started in the Medical Marijuana business with one of the best locations possible?

Listing includes Medical Marijuana Center license, a leased facility designed to house cannabis products, trained staff, and all the assets needed to start a Medical Dispensary in Colorado. You can rest assured your business will grow exponentially at this facility as last year (2020) the dispensary garnered a revenue of approximately 1.1 million dollars despite business complications due to COVID-19. To learn more about this listing, click the link above.

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Business Listing #21-11

Interested in Medical Marijuana? This may be your chance to get started in the business. 

Medical Marijuana Center and optional Premise Cultivation Class 2 (1,500 plants) are for sale. The property includes a small veg and large veg room, 5 trained employees, a paid lease, lights, growing equipment, trimmers, office equipment, furniture, equipment for harvesting, and more. Learn more about this listing by clicking the link above.

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Business Listing #21-3

Exceptional opportunity to own an established Medical Marijuana Center

Well-positioned medical grow and medical center located in central Colorado Springs with consistent positive sales growth. Turnkey operations with updated tech throughout make this facility a rare find in the highly coveted marijuana industry. This facility is in a prime location near I-25 with easy access to and from the highway. Business listing #21-3 has loyal, satisfied clients boasting excellent google reviews and staff eager to continue with the new owners.

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Business Listing #21-4

Rare opportunity to own a vertically integrated marijuana business empire

An industry giant with multiple locations and licenses available for purchase. With over a decade of established locations and clients, this listing is sure to go quickly. Opportunities for immediate growth make business listing #21-4 perfect for investors and business owners to expand beyond the current setup.

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Business Listing #21-5

Are you in need of a Medical Marijuana Center & Medical Marijuana Cultivation License?

If you’re interested in obtaining a licenses for both medical marijuana center and cultivation, you may be interested in this listing. The price is $600,000 for the licenses only, no plants, product, or equipment included. Purchase of only the licenses will mean you must move to a new location. In addition to the licenses, the building for these licenses is for sale as well at $750,000. The building is located in a high traffic area and could potentially be sold for Store Front and Grow. It’s also currently undergoing renovations and if you’re interested in purchasing both the licenses and building, you can open your business at that location.

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Business Listing #21-6

Get started on your future in the Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Production industry. 

The first step into the medical marijuana cultivation and production business is to obtain appropriate licensing. You can find a license for both medical marijuana cultivation and production here for the reasonable price of $600,000. Please note this listing is for licenses only, and no product, plants, or equipment will be included. All licenses must be moved to a new location.

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Land Listing #21-8

No risk opportunity to own up to 5 acres of land

Unique opportunity to start or move your marijuana business to county-approved lots offering a water supply already approved for marijuana grows and three-phase electric power. Additional options include on-site residency, owner financing, and cannabis-friendly local authorities.

Read more about Land Listing #21-8 here.

Business Listing #21-9

Desirable Medical Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturer Business and license ready to transfer.

Established, turn-key MIPS operation in Colorado Springs with a good reputation since 2013. This license/business is fully compliant and ready to turn over to new owners. Loyal customers return regularly and with the right management, this company could triple or quadruple sales quickly.

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Business Listing #21-10

Step Your Toe in the Medical Marijuana Business with a Two Licenses and a Leased Premises

A Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Store with all the assets can be yours. The establishment includes a 5-year lease if the building cannot be purchased. This business has already generated nearly half a million in profits in one year. The right business owner could take this store to the next step and make some serious revenue.

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Equipment Listing #20-8

State of the Art CBD Lab

The CBD industry is booming now more than ever. If you are wishing to be a part of this fruitful business venture, you may want to look into this CBD lab for sale which includes the latest and most advanced equipment. The lab has proven to be efficient with a capability of processing 200-300 lbs within 8 hours. Additionally, the purchase of the lab includes multi-day training of the CBD process. The prior owners will inform you of the specific techniques they developed over a year’s time that will enhance your product and lessen your workload.

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Business Listing #21-2

Premier feminized hemp seed company in the U.S.

Booming hemp company with sales and revenue: $1.5M total sales since January 2019. $500,000 sales online, $1M direct bulk sales. Sales consist of 3 feminized hemp seed strains, including 2 exclusive proprietary strains that have performed at high levels throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central, and South America. We have customers all over the world from Saudi Arabia to Brazil.

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