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Marijuana Businesses for Sale

Below is a list of marijuana businesses or licenses for sale and a 10,000 sq. ft Greenhouse.

These listings for marijuana businesses or licenses are located in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and Walsenburg.

The portfolio consists of multiple Medical Marijuana Centers (MMC), Optional Premise Cultivations (OPC), and a few Marijuana-Infused Product Manufactures (MIP) in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and Pueblo County, and a Recreational Marijuana Store (RMS) in Walsenburg.

The prices range from $300,000 to $2,500,000 for the businesses, $199,500 for the Greenhouse.

The information contained in these listings may consist of any combination of figures from a certain point and time, approximations, or estimates. Any interested party should verify the information contained herein.

Marijuana Businesses & Licenses for Sale

Business Listing # 18-4

Remodeled Medical Marijuana Center Optional Premise Cultivation

This listing is one of the oldest and most respected medical marijuana businesses in the Colorado Springs community. It was extensively remodeled in 2010 and the high-end finishes has morphed this dispensary into a refined and efficient business. Some additional growing assets they’ve added include CO2 gas delivery system with all fire department-mandated controls, a Reverse Osmosis System, Growonix GX Series with 2 X 300 gallon holding tanks as well as cameras and motion detectors covering every room for extra security. In addition to numerous growth assets, business listing #18-4 has a luxurious front desk area, numerous beautiful display cabinets, a large break room as well as new furniture/appliances in each room.

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Dispensary listing # 19-3

Retail Marijuana Store

Considered a respected and integral part of the Walsenburg area, this property has endless possibilities. The facility is approximately 1472 sf with plenty of room to accommodate adding a MIP inside. The property is set up as 3 distinct addresses; Suite 100 is currently the retail marijuana store, Suite 200 was used as a message therapy room prior but was turned into a break room, and Suite 300 has a unused retail space of about 500 sf. The three different suites as well as the businesses vast customer base really sets this property a part. Many customers who visit this property are from out of state such as New Mexico, Arizona or Oklahoma. Additionally, the store is already equipped with various assets including computers, display cabinets, brand new furniture, large TVs, newly furnished appliances and an extensive security system.

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Business Listing MIP # 19-7

MIP Operation

If you’re looking for an established, turn-key MIPS operation, then you may want to check out this property. This MIP business currently processes for 7 different dispensaries in the area and the company has won multiple awards in the industry for their high-end product. The building is zoned, so expansion to the business is possible if a new license is purchased. All processing assets will be included such as an extraction machine (an ETS 1300 with a vacuum pump) and vacuum ovens. The building itself is around 36000 sf and the extraction business itself is 1100 sf. The seller of the lease is the building owner and they’ve already expressed they’re flexible with leasing terms.

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Business Listing #20-1: Under Contract


Business Listing # 20-3

10,000 sq. f Marijuana Greenhouse

Looking to grow? It might be a good idea to check out this property where the seller already has a 10,0000 sf greenhouse ready-to-go in storage. The building includes growth assets including a wet wall, an automated separate shade/blackout screens, 16MM poly panels and more. The greenhouse itself was purchased from an esteemed and reputable company from China, so the facility is high-quality, made with lasting materials, and guaranteed to endure against the elements.

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Business Listing # 20-4 – Pending

Business Listing # 20-5

Medical Marijuana Center Optional Premise Cultivation Infused Product Manufacturer

This property is already a well-established and reputable medical marijuana business in the Colorado Springs area. It currently serves 120 patients and in 2019 had gross revenue of $450,000. It not only serves as a medical marijuana center, but it offers optional premise cultivation as well as a MIP lab. The property does provide growing assets such as light fixtures for flowering, HPS lights, cameras covering every room, as well as a trim room. The medical marijuana center has additional assets including computers, scanners, appliances, brand new furniture, and an extensive security system to protect the product/business. Lastly, if desired the property will extend MIP lab assets such as a high-end MIP kitchen, CO2 extraction lab, Super Critical Apex CO2 extraction system, vacuum ovens, and more. This very flexible tri-business model could help anyone looking to enter the industry or expand their reach overall.

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Business Listing #20-6 – Under Negotiations┬á

Medical Marijuana Products Manufacturer Retail Marijuana Store

Business Listing #20-7

Growing Facility

Those looking for new opportunities to grow should look no further than Business Listing # 20-7. Less than two years old, the facility is located in a desirable location and is capable of producing approximately 1,800 pounds of product a year. The property offers top-of-the-line growing equipment and the assets of the building itself have been updated with a new circuit breaker at 1,200 amps, professional epoxy flooring and a fresh spray foam insulation. Each room’s temperature, humidity, CO2 and more can be controlled from a mobile phone thanks to an iPhonic 614 Hydroponic Controller in every room. The facility is divided into two sections and offers five flower rooms, two veg rooms, a small clone area, and a large 2,000 sq. ft flower room.

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Equipment Listing #20-8

State of the Art CBD Lab

The CBD industry is booming now more than ever. If you are wishing to be a part of this fruitful business venture, you may want to look into this CBD lab for sale which includes the latest and most advanced equipment. The lab has proven to be efficient with a capability of processing 200-300 lbs within 8 hours. Additionally, purchase of the lab includes multi-day training of CBD process. The prior owners will inform you of the specific techniques they developed over a year’s time that will enhance your product and lessen your workload.

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Business Listing #20-9

Amazing opportunity to break into the marijuana business or expand your current portfolio. Located in a desirable location in central Colorado Springs. Seller owns the strip mall where this business is located and is cannabis friendly! Class 1 Grow license included in the sale (up to 500 plants). Nothing but positive feedback makes this a rare opportunity and we don’t expect it to last long!

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