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Marijuana Businesses for Sale

Below is a list of marijuana businesses/licenses for sale.  They are Colorado Springs and El Paso County locations.  My portfolio consists of multiple Medical Marijuana Centers (MMC), Optional Premise Cultivations (OPC), and a few Marijuana Infused Product Manufactures (MIP).  The prices range from $500k to $1,400,000, and other options in between for a Medical Marijuana Center and Optional Cultivations Centers, and a Marijuana Infused Producer business for $450,000.  If interested, you can contact the office and schedule a time to come in to discuss.

The information contained in these listings may consist of any combination of figures from a certain point and time, approximations or estimates. Any interested party should verify the information contained herein.

Business listing #18-2

Price: $650,000


Medical Marijuana Center (MMC)
Optional Premise Cultivation
(Can add MIPS)
Renewal dates City of Colorado Springs November 29, 2018
State November 29, 2018


Patient Count: 92
Allowable plant count: 1400
Average number of plants: 520
Weekly harvest of 20 + lbs, hand trimmed, custom drying racks

Financials: Gross sales for 2017 were $857,085.  2017 Business expenses 639,201

Layout: 13,000 sq. ft. total space.  5,500 sq. foot of grow space.  Facility has 2 veg rooms and 8 flower rooms.  Office, storage and patient center.

Electrical: 3 phase power supplied by 3 main panels, upgraded service to building.   Seimens Automation for lights, fans, power – cable of phone app. Access.

Lighting: Entire lighting system upgraded with Duel end 1000 watt HPS and 315 LEC (light emanating ceramic) CMN within the last year.

HVAC: 30 tons of cooling, and contains 4 gas heaters installed in core of facility.

Employees: 2 Employees for MMC, 7 for OPC, 1 manager, 3 trimmers.

Lease: Property is leased, monthly rate is $6,200 per month.  Lease expires at license expirations.  Currently year-to-year.  Building owner wishes to rent to new owners with long term lease, 5% escalation.   Water and trash included with lease.

Carbon dioxide enriched with Green CO2 systems, has drying and storage area.  Current grow medium is COCO, using Botanicare nutrient lines, tea and microbial life.  Materials processed into concentrates through White Mousse, Apothecary, Craft and GOB

Expansion: 1000 sq. ft. of the current space could be converted from working area/warehouse to grow.

Owner Finance/Carry: Owner has a note to lender in the amount of $350,000, included in the purchase price.  Lender may carry the note with hard (real estate) collateral.


Business Listing # 18-4

Price:  $1,200,000 (Building available for purchase from Landlord $675,000)

2018 (through November) Gross Revenue $1,454,000 with a net of $248,000.

Two Family members pulled approximately $180,000 in salaries, Combine salaries and net you get a 19.8% profit margin.  2016 had similar numbers

This is one of the oldest and most respected medical marijuana businesses in the Colorado Springs area.  Extensive remodel in 2010, high-end finishes make this dispensary one of the nicest in the area.  Financials, pictures, and additional details available to qualified buyers.


Medical Marijuana Center (MMC)
Optional Premise Cultivation (OPC)

Patient Count: 295 Patients

Plants:  Flowering:  350 (approximate), Veg:  700 (Approximate)

Grow assets:

  1. 53 X 1000 watt Gavita light fixtures for flowering
  2. 12 X 1000 watt HPS lights for vegetative (veg) phase
  3. 8 X 360 watt T5 fixtures in veg
  4. 4 X 315 watt LEC fixtures in veg
  5. CO2 gas delivery system with all fire department-mandated controls
  6. Reverse Osmosis System, Growonix GX Series with 2 X 300 gallon holding tanks
  7. 32 ½ tons of cooling capacity
  8. Cameras and motion detectors covering every room

Medical Marijuana Center Assets.

  1. Front desk area: 2 desktop computers, 2 card scanners, printer
  2. Point of Sale desk: 2 touch screen monitors , 2 label printers, 2 bar code scanners
  3. 4 product refrigerators
  4. 3 non-refrigerated display cabinets
  5. 50 inch TV and sectional sofa
  6. Break room: Storage shelves, refrigerator, camera monitors, computer
  7. Secure closet with floor-mounted job boxes to secure products
  8. Extensive security system, including cameras, motion detectors, panic alarm buttons, and remote entry button at front door


Business Listing #18-7.

Price: $900,000 Without the MMC Real Estate

 $1,400,000 With the MMC Real Estate


*Medical Marijuana Center (MMC)/Optional Premise Cultivation
*MIPS /  Optional Premise Cultivation

Renewal Dates:

MMC/OPC June 2018
MIPS/OPC Feb 2019


Patient Count: 44
Allowable plant count: 589
Average number of plants: 300
MIPS: 500 Plant Count

Financials: Gross sales 2017 $345,218 Business expenses $293,777
($50,000 Payroll for Owners Spouse, Master Grower)

Layout: MMC: Over 2800sf Grow facility. 1200sf Store Front.
MIPS: Approximately 2000sf of Grow and 500sf of Extraction Space
Extractions Room, Veg Room, Flower Room

Electrical: Upgraded service to both buildings.

Employees: 2 Employees for MMC, 6 Employees for Grow, 1 Employee for MIPS

Lease:    *MMC/OPC Lease $5000 per month 5 year lease.
*MIPS/OPC facility is leased. Renewal in October 2018. $2500 5 year lease.

No utilities are included.

MMC Building: If Included in the sales price. Approximate 2800sf grow facility and 1200sf store front in a great location. Open Floorplan to create an inviting medical marijuana environment for patients. It also helps patients feel comfortable shopping and discussing medical conditions which creates more sales!

Expansion: The Land behind the MMC could be used to expand the Grow or create a drive thru if approved with the state and city. There are plenty of opportunities to grow this business into an empire.

Owner Carry: Owner Carry with $400,000 down.


Business Listing 18-10

12 Month sales as of 06/30/18 $141,500

Price:  $500,000

Financials: 12 month revenue $141,500


Medical Marijuana Center (MMC)
Optional Premises Cultivation (OPC)


Patients: 40
Allowed Plant Count:  500
Average Number of Plants:  350

Layout: 5,800 Sq. Ft.  Grow, Store

Electrical: 800 Amp 240 volt

Lights: 230 Sun System 315 watt LEC lights

26 1000 watt HID Lights, per room
7 8 Bulb T5 Flourescent Lights
10 400 watt IGrow Induction Lights

Production Space:

73 3’x6’  Flood tables
9 4’x8’ Flood tables

HVAC:  17 Tons

Employees: 3 Total for Grow and Dispensary

Location: Low Traffic Street, surrounded by 3 major Streets in Colorado Springs


Store:  2-3 years on lease, $3,800 per month for both MMC and OPC
Landlord might be willing to sell.


Business Listing # 18-12

Under Contract

Business Listing # 18-13a

Price: $950,000 Without the MIP Real Estate

$1,125,000 With the MIP Real Estate


*1 Medical Marijuana Center (MMC)/ 1 Optional Premise Cultivation
*1 MIPS / 1 Optional Premise Cultivation

Renewal Dates:

MMC/OPC May 2019
MIPS/OPC July 2019


Allowable plant count: 1,500
MIPS: 500 Plant Count

Financials: Gross sales 2018 $1,084,500

Layout: MIPS: Approximately 2600sf of Grow and Extraction Space, 400 sf dispensary.

Extractions Room, 2 Veg Rooms, 2 Flower Rooms and one dispensary.
MMC:   1st Dispensary collocated with MIP.  Long term lease available or purchase.

Employees: Outstanding employees available for hire.

MIP Building: If Included in the sales price. Approximate 3,000 sf facility housing MIP, OPC, and dispensary.


MIP Business Listing 19-2 (Marijuana Extraction Company)

$450,000 – Licensed MIP Lab and Equipment – No brand included in sale

Amazing chance to start or expand your current Medical extraction or edibles operation. Unit has a C1D2 extraction room certified for 3 machines. Unit also has a commercial kitchen with hood and stove for edibles. C1D2 build allows flexibility and space not available in new lab builds.

Grandfathered C1D2 Lab in Colorado Springs.

Has 3 approved ETS Extractors

Industry Friendly Landlord – Current Lease term valid until 07/2020 lease has valid option to renew.

3 – ETS 1300 XLE setups with additional Canisters = $100,000 value

3- Haskell Pumps – $9,000.00 value

4 Ai Vac ovens = $20,000.00 value

7 Commercial Freezers = $14,000.00 value

ElGI Air compressor system for pumps = $20,000.00 value

MTA 031 Chiller System – $8,000.00 value

Explosion proof freezer – $8,000.00 value

Misc tables, chairs, cubicles, computers ect

Over $250,000 of equipment alone

Over $300,000 spent on TI, HVAC and equipment installs over the years.

Neighboring unit included in lease, currently used for office and warehouse space.

Gross sales produced by this lab in

2018 – $1,060,000

2017 – $1,725,000

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