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Business Listing MIP #19-7

Business Listing MIP 19-7

Marijuana-Infused Producer (MIP) License only $100,000 or price with license and equipment: $120,000

  • 2018 sales: $157,630
  • 2019 sales: $214,800
  • 2020 sales: $309,000
  • 2021 sales:
  • 2022 sales (ytd):

Employees: 2 full-time, 1 part-time

Lease: 5 yr. terms, $1,800 per month

Room for expansion into 2nd unit

This is a great, established, turn-key MIPS operation. There are customers in place with repeat business. It currently processes for 8 different dispensaries. The company has won awards in the industry for their excellent product.

Building is zoned for a dispensary should new owner choose to purchase the license to expand. All equipment necessary to carry on this business is included, including an extraction machine and vacuum ovens. The extraction machine is an ETS 1300 with a vacuum pump, compressor and water heater. The business includes 2 vacuum ovens, ice maker, refrigerator, freezer, working tables, misc. shelves and racks, 2 baking racks with trays, stainless steel trays for vacuum ovens, all office chairs, office desks, office supplies, packaging supplies, printer/copier, Pyrex dishes and plastic tubs, and all operating gas tanks for everyday operations.

Business can easily be grown and expanded in the same building and machines can easily be added to in order to produce different products and more volume.

The entire building is 3600 square feet and already has a tenant in place for the other part of the building. The extraction business is 1100 sq. feet.

Current owners would provide training, if needed, for an agreed amount of time and assistance in making sure new owners are comfortable with taking over the business.

Lease:  Seller is building owner, flexible lease terms.

Business Listing MIP # 19-7

MIP Operation

MIPS (Infused Product Manufacturer) license and equipment for sale in Colorado Springs! This is an opportunity to own a marijuana business for only $100,000 (license only) or $120,000 (license and equipment) with owner financing available. With a cap on licenses in the city and the chance of recreational coming, this is the only way to open a new business in Colorado Springs or add a license to your existing business. There is also another opportunity to add an OPC or grow to this license provided the location is properly zoned and approved.

Licenses are clear with no fines. License will need to be relocated. Equipment includes an ETS 1300 extractor, all the equipment needed to produce concentrates, 2 vacuum ovens, vacuum pump, and TRS21 pump, ice machine, and many, many more misc. tools, dishes, filters, etc.


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