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Fees & Retainer

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Our rates are mid-range for Colorado - you can probably find attorneys who charge less, and most certainly those who charge more - but without bringing any greater skills or experience to the table.  We challenge you to find a more dedicated team of lawyers with our experience and focus who provide better value for money.  For your convenience, we accept checks, cash, and major credit cards.

Family Law

Consultations.  No lawyer can afford the time commitment necessary to talk to everyone who needs help. We offer a reduced rate one-hour $175 initial consultation. During that meeting, we tell you what you need to know with real answers, not fluff or a sales pitch, like many attorneys do. We're not going to waste your time or ours - if you can handle a case yourself, we'll explain how.  If you need a Colorado Springs divorce or family lawyer, we'll try to give you a realistic estimate of what it would cost.

Fees.  Cases are handled hourly, at $275 per hour for attorney time, and $135 per hour for paralegal time.  This is billed from a retainer which you deposit in advance, and it goes into a client trust account owned by YOU, not the lawyer.  You'll get a monthly accounting of work done, and your balance remaining.

Retainer. The retainer is typically $7500 for divorce, annulment, or legal separation cases, $5000 for parenting cases (paternity, grandparent rights, parenting time modification, etc) or post-decree modifications (except child support), and $3500 for child support modifications. Depending upon the complexity or simplicity of your case, the actual retainer may be higher or lower. When your Colorado family law case is over, if the retainer exceeds the fees, you get a refund. If your retainer is depleted before the case is completed, you will need to deposit more money.

Our retainer is realistic, not a bait & switch.  You can call around and find a Colorado family law attorney who will quote you a $1000-$1500 retainer.  But look at his/her hourly rate, probably over $250, and then ask honestly: how much can be accomplished on your case in the 4-6 hours of time you just paid for? And what happens when the retainer is used up?  Simple - a demand for more money under threat of withdrawing from your case.

Criminal Defense

Consultations.  Spend 30 minutes talking to one of our criminal defense lawyers at no charge, and learn what to expect in your case.  We can also visit potential clients who are incarcerated, but due to the time involved in traveling to the Criminal Justice Center, require an advance fee of $300 for the visit.

Fees & Retainer.  We generally handle criminal cases with a flat fee, rather than hourly, to give you predictability in what to expect.  However, hourly fees may be available, depending upon your case and the lawyer involved.Test

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